Event Workshop 2

The Event Workshop 2 course is structured around organizing and executing an event called Oshawa Music Week (previously called Reel Music Festival), which usually takes place in week 12 or 13 of the semester. Oshawa Music Week is a mix of several events, including a music conference, music showcases, and a tradeshow. Component parts are: seminars, panel discussions, workshops, live-artist showcases, and a global-music festival. Each student will be given an area of responsibility (that fits his/her career vision), in which he/she will work with team members to accomplish both team and individual goals. Oshawa Music Week is also a collaboration with first-year students and their Event Workshop 1 class. In the first two weeks of the semester, students establish their teams and objectives. In subsequent weeks, teams will meet to plan the event, discuss their progress, and execute the plans. At the conclusion of the event, the class will analyze their efforts and the outcomes. This practical workshop will provide students with insights to the big-picture view of an event, task delegation, goal setting, team work, conflict management and resolution, event execution, and event resolution.