Strategic Supply Chain Management - Capstone

In this capstone course, students examine the value added and financial implications of supply chain decisions on overall business profitability, efficiency, and stakeholder satisfaction. Working in teams, students will use simulations (Fresh Connection, ERPSim) to formulate, execute, evaluate and adjust supply chain strategy as they manage virtual businesses over time. Students will use data analytics to analyze the results of their decisions, and make strategic changes to improve business outcomes. This course requires students to apply supply chain theories and tools learned in other courses in their program, as well as leadership and teamwork principles to achieve coordinated decision making and effective group dynamics. Students will create a variety of status reports and presentations to provide managerial updates about business performance and to make recommendations for future action using supporting data. For students in the Supply Chain Management – Global (graduate certificate) program, this course is the last of three courses that, upon completion with a minimum grade of 70%, will contribute to the attainment of the SAP UA Student Recognition Award.