Business Decisions Capstone In SCM

This capstone styled course is designed to provide third year students the opportunity to consolidate and employ the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their three years of studies. This course will support students in developing effective data-driven business decisions. In today's data driven world, the ability to build effective data visualizations is an essential skill required for Supply Chain and Operations Management graduates. Students will learn how to detect and articulate the stories behind datasets and communicate data findings in visual, oral, and written contexts for various audiences. This course teaches students the skills necessary to be effective data storytellers. Students will locate and download datasets, extract insights from that data and present their findings in a variety of different formats. Students will learn how to "connect the dots" in a dataset through visual data analysis and find the narrative thread that both explains what's going on and engages their audience in a story about the data. Moreover, students will learn how to tell data stories in different ways for different audiences and stakeholders. In this course, students will have an opportunity to apply, in an integrated way, principles from the Supply Chain and Operations Management program as well as more general business concepts to support effective business decisions.