Advanced SCM Applications

A capstone course which, through a variety of activities, provides students the opportunity to apply and extend their Supply Chain and Operations Management knowledge and skills in integrated ways. Specifically: 1) Students will participate in a series of computer-based simulations using SAP software. This series of increasingly complex simulations builds on the student's previous experience in courses that emphasized the more transactional aspects of SAP. In this course, students will formulate, execute, evaluate and adjust business strategy as they use SAP to manage team-based virtual businesses. 2) Through independent research, students will identify an area of interest in the field of Supply Chain and Operations Management that is or has the potential to become an emerging trend or innovation in their field. Students will, over the course of the semester, identify this area of interest and, through secondary research strategies, gather information about their chosen topic to share with their fellow students and other audiences using a variety of media. SCMT6201 is the third of the three courses in the Supply Chain & Operations Management Advanced Diploma program that, upon completion with a minimum grade of 70%, contributes to the attainment of the SAP UA Student Recognition Award.