September 22nd, 2011

As I entered my third week of classes, it became increasingly apparent that it wasn’t going to be easy to keep myself completely organized and stress-free. Assignments from each class had started rolling in and I knew that I would need to practice time management skills if I wanted to be successful – good thing I signed up for that workshop last week! After class today, I wandered into the SALS centre to ask about the location of the workshop I would be attending. I was greeted with a smile from Kathy (the receptionist for SALS) and told that the workshop had been moved to a larger room in the lower level of the Student Services Building due to the volume of students that had signed up! I was happy to hear that I wasn’t alone in wanting to improve my time management skills, and soon made my way down to the workshop room. The session was facilitated by Brett Clayton (Learning Services Advisor from SALS). All in all, the workshop was very informative – we discussed many different tools that could be used to help keep ourselves organized with school, home and work commitments. Leaving the workshop, I felt confident that I would be able to implement the practices discussed in the session. Since I had a few assignments that needed to be finished, I decided to stay at school for a couple extra hours. I needed a quiet space to set up my computer, so I went to the lab in the SALS centre. There was a lot of natural light shining through the glass walls of the lab (located on the upper west-side of the Student Services Building). It was the perfect place to study. Surrounding the SALS centre are several cozy and clean peer tutoring rooms that can be booked by students wishing to study in a group or just work alone in an isolated area – another great option! I will definitely be spending a lot more time in the SALS lab when I need a quiet study area. It is officially my go-to place!

– Kayleigh Johnston