How to dress for winter

By: Yash Sharma

Before you get a chance to visit this picturesque country in winter, there are a few things that have to be kept in mind to make sure you stay warm.

Hats and scarves

Covering your head with a woollen hat would not only give you that snugly look, but will make sure the chilly winds do not freeze your ears. Bright colours are a fashion statement especially when everything outside is covered in snow. Kids are reluctant to wear them, teenagers flaunt some of the best designs on the market, adults have some really classy ones and the elderly wear the warmest ones of them all.

A warm scarf can also compliment your snugly outfit which would help you keep chilly winds off.


The best part about technology is when you can do everything on a touch screen cell phone even without taking your gloves off. Yes, they are the best bet if you have friends that get angry over those delayed texts caused due to finger biting cold.

I am sure they will save your precious fingers from frostbites at least.


Since I was a child, I’ve loved to dress in the most appropriate manner no matter where I go.

As I grew up in a town that experiences temperatures not below three degrees, I never imagined myself wearing layers of clothes teamed with a thick warm jacket until I came to Canada. Yes, a wardrobe would definitely be incomplete without a warm overcoat. Make sure you end up purchasing one that is waterproof and is at least till knee length for snowy days as I can recollect the horrors of getting drenched during a heavy snowfall.

This long coat is the best protection against strong cold winds. The trendy leather jackets fail to solve the purpose on many occasions hence I recommend that it should not be worn during extreme cold weather conditions. Jackets with hoods surely go a long way to protect the delicate body parts like ears by keeping out the strong biting winds.


Any attire worn without the perfect footwear is exactly like experiencing the season of fall without those colourful leaves on the ground. From a soft and fluffy texture, snow can gradually turn into an icy slush that is slippery and extremely cold. To add to the woes, this slush has a lot of salt that can ruin the best shoes in the world within a blink of an eye. To keep your feet warm during times like these, one should look for a pair of boots that are waterproof, have a rubbery outer texture and are well insulated.    


For most of us like me who haven’t experienced such extreme weather conditions before, it becomes extremely important that we learn everything about staying warm all winter long. As we proceed through the month of January, it gets even colder and there are times when we might experience wind chills. These winds force the temperature to dip to almost -30 degrees even when the actual is about -12 degrees. Hence layered clothing is the only way to keep yourself insulated against the fierce cold conditions.   

Overall, I am lucky to be in a country which has such a heavenly winter. It’s all about staying warm and enjoying your surroundings along with spotting some really attractive snowmen all across the city. 

Stay warm, Enjoy and Be Blessed!!!