My Journey so far – Part 3 – I conquered

By: Yash Sharma

It was a week full of entertainment and I could hardly wait for the first day of college. The entire day went in a frenzy of meeting new people, staff members and exploring the campus.

My next priority was to find accommodation. It was a challenging task at first, but assistance from the International Office meant that I could find one within a day. I found a Canadian family who were ready to accept me as their new family member and soon I was accommodated in a cosy room with all basic amenities. Within a few days I got comfortable with everyone in the family and I still live with them now.

Getting back to the daily college life was not difficult keeping in mind the sheer excitement I had to make new friends. Being taught by one of the most helpful staff members I have ever experienced in my life was just the cherry on the cake, because it is the strong amalgamation of an education imparted and the infrastructure of the surroundings that gives rise to a well qualified professional and I knew I had them both.

“The mixed emotions were overshadowing my excitement as I wondered what life would be once I graduate”

During my initial days, I was asked to deliver a speech to the board members of  Durham College which was a huge success. For me, it was a stepping stone to my new student life filled with confidence and assurance. With great friends to hang around with during the breaks and long discussions over a cup of coffee in the library is how I spent a lot of time during my first year. 

As seasons passed, I could see the leaves change shades and they slowly began falling on the ground and within a blink of an eye, I was done with my first year at this wonderful institute. The mixed emotions were overshadowing my excitement as I wondered what life would be once I graduate.

I have never experienced an environment this friendly where teachers are just like colleagues and are available to help us at any time of the day. Their doors are always open to us and welcome everyone who wants to share their joys or sorrows which is truly astounding.

It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes by William Glasser – “When you study great teachers, you will learn much more from their caring and hard work than from their style.” So true!!!

Sipping a hot cup of coffee as I pen down my thoughts, I recall so many different experiences since I came here which I can still share but I feel, this life, which is a mere collection of thoughts has already directed a blockbuster which silently rests in my mind and I am glad I can replay this wonderful stint over and over again till eternity.

As I now slowly proceed for my next lecture, marketing, I am still pondering about these few months which are left before I graduate. 

How I wish I could remain a student forever!!!