Communicative Disorders Assistant Audiology lab and Resource Library

The audiology lab is used to enhance education training to students enrolled in the Communicative Disorders Assistant Graduate Certificate program and provide valuable practical laboratory experiences. The facility includes a sound-treated booth, diagnostic audiometer, tympanometer, video otoscope, otoacoustic emission (OAE) screener, audio scan, and computer with program specific software.

Students are provided with an opportunity to gain practical training in performing basic hearing tests and on-site hearing and middle-ear screenings to preschool children and adults. Training with the OAE screener enables students to learn the skills required for the Infant Hearing program. Additionally, the audiology lab is equipped to provide students with the opportunity to perform hearing aid listening checks and the basic maintenance and problem-solving procedures used in the workplace.

In the dedicated CDA classroom, students are provided with a comprehensive resource library, including publications about speech and language disorders and therapy, augmentative communication and hearing disorders and rehabilitation.