“After high school, I was indecisive about what I wanted to study. I knew that I needed some time to think of a goal, but I did not want to put my education on hold either. I enrolled in the General Arts and Science (GAS) program at Durham College because it was flexible yet had a focus. The program does not only allow you to acknowledge your strengths but to obtain many prerequisites and credits toward various university programs. After completing my first year, I knew that I wanted to be in the health sciences field. I am currently a third-year student in Health Information Management studies at Ontario Tech and am really content with the knowledge and experience that I have gained from the GAS program. The experience has made my years in university easier, because I have already been exposed to many of the materials.”

– Tassianna Tassy, GAS graduate


“General Arts and Science (GAS) was one of the most important stepping stones in my life. I always knew that I wanted to become a paramedic and with all of the research I completed on various Paramedic programs, I came up with two conclusions. First, my academic achievements in high school, although fairly good, were not good enough to ensure a seat in any Paramedic program. Second, Durham College was the school that I wanted to take the program at due to student success rate. So I enrolled in GAS at Durham College to improve the grades of the subjects I had already taken and to become exposed to new subjects such as chemistry and issues and ethics. When I look back on my year in GAS, I have only wonderful memories. Not only did the program help me to upgrade my marks, it also helped prepare me for the academic pressures of future courses. The professors in GAS constantly encouraged and supported me towards my dream. ”

– Tamara Steel, GAS graduate and Paramedic student


“The General Arts and Science (GAS) program at Durham College is a great experience for any student that’s undecided or needs to boost their marks. It allowed me to get back into the feel of school and made me want to learn again. Before the program, I didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to do. The program gave me the chance to hone my skills and helped me follow through to Chemical Engineering Technology. The GAS program is a great opportunity, and I will never regret having taken it.”
-Tyler Ferguson, GAS graduate and Chemical Engineering Technology student

“The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) (International) program has an excellent structure, numerous learning opportunities and is well-designed for international students. There are great possibilities for students to become more open during conversations and feel more comfortable in a Canadian environment. The EAP program has helped me to improve my skills in writing, reading, grammar, listening and oral presentations and also improved my vocabulary. Moreover, this program is taught by an outstanding and supportive faculty. They were always willing to help me and other students with difficulties and obstacles involved in studying English. At the end of the program, I felt that I learned so much and gained the required knowledge for my future education.”

– Magna Bator, EAP (International) graduate


“The best thing that has ever happened to my life was having the opportunity to learn English. I’m doing well in my General Arts and Science (GAS) program and realize that I owe everything I’ve learned in Canada to the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) (International) program at Durham College – the best college in Canada without a shadow of a doubt.”

– Roberto Curvo, EAP (International) graduate and GAS student


“The longer I live in Canada, the more I rely on the benefits I got from the education in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) (International) program at Durham College. The writing lessons definitely helped prepare me for my studies in the Advertising program which I also successfully completed at Durham College. The listening and speaking lessons gave me useful tools to communicate confidently with people around me. I have also found that most of the cultural materials about Canada I have learned from my studies in EAP. It made me feel comfortable to live in Canada. I really enjoyed the EAP teachers at Durham College as well.”

– Xiaona Zheng Joanna, EAP (International) and Advertising graduate


“My experience at Durham College within the General Arts and Science (GAS) program was incredible. The experienced staff members and instructors offered me many resources of information and tools, which has given me the confidence to become a successful graduate and paramedic. The staff has been very receptive and friendly to me as an individual as well as a student. Everyone has a different learning curve, and in my experience here at Durham College as a GAS student, all of my instructors have stressed the importance of self-directed learning without neglecting the aspect of supporting personal growth. The labs and assignments were immensely helpful, informative and entertaining, allowing me to use critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. I am honoured and appreciative of all the potential and principles Durham College and the GAS program has done to enrich and enhance me as a student.”

– Ryan Bishnauth, GAS graduate and Paramedic student


“Taking General Arts and Science (GAS) at Durham College was a very successful choice for me and helped me to gain acceptance into Ontario Tech’s Nursing program. The GAS staff is extremely knowledgeable and there to help you succeed in your studies. The program is designed with various courses to help you gain the prerequisites you need to get into other college or university programs. This program is the perfect choice for achieving future educational goals.”

– Nancy Bettencourt, GAS graduate


“The General Arts and Science (GAS) program at Durham College has surpassed my expectations. I now have a much clearer idea of what to expect as a college student. I also now know that I made the right choice when picking the school I wanted to attend, as I have found that Durham College faculty goes above and beyond their duty to be there for the students with any extra help, assistance or advice that they may need along the way.”

– Shannon Garrison, GAS graduate


“The General Arts and Science (GAS) program at Durham College has played an instrumental role in my transition to the Paramedic program. The instructors create attainable goals and purposeful challenges that help students to not only achieve but discover what success really means. This program is an excellent opportunity for any student who has grand aspirations for the future.”

– Leah Baker, GAS and Paramedic graduate


“The skills I developed in the General Arts and Science (GAS) program were integral to my success academically and professionally. I entered the Paramedic program confident in my academic abilities thanks to the mentorship and guidance I received from the faculty. I have since obtained full-time employment in my field thanks to the foundation I built through Durham College’s GAS program.”

– Melissa Simpson, GAS and Paramedic graduate