Apply Now – Full-time Students


Choosing Your Program

  1. APPLYING: Applying to Durham College is easy. Once you have found the perfect program to prepare you for a career in your chosen area. Simply go to and follow the steps.
  2. PROGRAMS: Not sure how to find the perfect program for you? Keep watching this video and we’ll walk you through how to explore the over 140 unique, market driven programs Durham College offers.
  3. BEGIN: On the Durham College homepage click on Programs and Courses, this opens up a menu with many different options to help you find the program you’re looking for.
  4. SEARCH: The first search option you’ll see is the Program Quick-find. By opening the “Select an area of interest” drop down menu you will be presented with a list of program areas, each area contains a number of different programs. Select the area from this list that interests you.
  5. SELECT: Once you’ve selected your area of interest click on the “Select a program” drop down for a list of programs from the area you selected.
  6. SUBMIT: From this list you can either select a program and click the submit button, or if you don’t see a program that interests you, go back to the “area of interest” drop down and select a new area and view the programs available.
  7. KEYWORDS: Another option for finding a program is to use the Search full-time programs keyword search tool. Enter a word or phrase describing the program you are interested in and then click the submit button.
  8. LIST: Once you click submit you’ll be taken to the search results page with a list of programs that are associated with the search term you entered. Click on the program name to view the program webpage.
  9. EXPLORE: Another way to search our programs is by clicking on the “Full-time programs” link under the heading Explore Programs. This link takes you to a page that contains over 140 programs listed alphabetically with a thumbnail image, program name and a brief written description of every program. If you know the name of the program you are looking for you can narrow the programs displayed by clicking on the first letter in the name at the top of the page.
  10. OTHER: Further options to find the program that is right for you can also be found here, Registered apprenticeship training, second career options, graduate certificate program, fast-track programs, etc.
  11. SCHOOLS: Programs are also organized by schools. Durham College has nine different schools that offer many diverse programs. Select the school that offers the program you are interested in and you can browse programs by school.
  12. SUCCESS: Once you’ve found the program you are interested in, the program page contains a ton of useful information to help you make your decision. You can read, watch and listen to information about the program, the costs, admission requirements, additional applicant requirements career options, course descriptions etc. If all this information has helped you to decide that you’d like to apply to this program check out the Program at a glance feature. Here you’ll find the length of the program, the location it is being offered and the most important thing you need to apply the OCAS code.

Click the Apply Now button on the side of every webpage on the Durham College website for a quick step-by-step guide on how to Apply at OCAS. If you’ve forgotten your OCAS code, you can quickly look it up using the OCAS code look-up tool.

You’re all set to register for a Durham College program at!