Level up your career and earning potential with a graduate certificate

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Whether you’re seeking to enhance your current skill set or to pivot into a new industry, a Durham College (DC) graduate certificate offers a path to success by empowering you with skills tailored to today’s job market.

They’re designed for students who have a university degree or a college diploma, or in some cases relevant industry experience, and want to find a focused career path or advancement in their current field.

Explore DC’s wide-range of graduate certificates that provide a concentrated and in-depth exploration of specialized subjects with programs in the areas of health and social services, business, IT, science and engineering and media and communications.

Programs with January start dates include Addictions and Mental Health, Autism and Behavioural Sciences, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics for Business Management and Human Resource Management. Some programs may be waitlisted. For opportunities to start in May or September, check out our full list of programs.

As the world of work changes, DC continues to respond by launching new programs based on real-world demand and the jobs of tomorrow.

Explore new programs like Clinical Bioinformatics which meets the rising demand for specialized professionals in the fields of genomics and proteomics who can use industry-based software to analyze biological data to identify disease-related biomarkers and assess drug effectiveness.

Our new Public Relations graduate certificate is accessible to students from a broad range of academic backgrounds who are interested in learning how to share critical messages through engaging writing, online content creation, special events and fundraising campaigns. Whether you’re interested in working in sports, fashion, music, healthcare or the non-profit section, succeed by mastering the art of communicating in today’s digital age.

Learn more about all of the graduate certificates offered at DC or connect with our recruitment team to explore all of your options.