Support Services Available to Part-Time Students at Durham College to Achieve Academic Goals

At Durham College, our mission is to lead together, inspiring learners like you to achieve success for yourselves and your communities through innovative education. With this ethos in mind, we consistently strive to provide you with the best resources to support your academic journey, a commitment that extends to DC Professional and Part-Time Learning (PPL).

PPL caters to the diverse needs of students like you, who balance education with work, family, and other responsibilities. Whether you are a part-time student enrolled in our online courses or attending classes on campus, you will find access to a variety of resources designed to support your career growth. In this blog, we will explore the range of resources available to you as a part-time student, tailored to accommodate your unique schedule and learning style, ensuring you receive the support needed to excel academically and advance in your career.

Student Advisors are the foundation of this support system. They understand the challenges you face and are committed to providing personalized assistance, helping you navigate your studies by customizing academic plans to suit your needs, whether you are seeking guidance in setting short-term or long-term academic goals, needing help developing customized academic plans, or mapping out your educational path.

Additionally, our student advisors can connect you with valuable resources available at Durham College, such as the Student Academic Learning Services (SALS) and the Access and Support Centre (ASC), offering subject-specific tutoring, assistive technology, and accommodations for students with exceptionalities. Furthermore, they can provide insights into pathways to universities or post-graduate programs, helping you make informed decisions about your future academic goals. You can contact them via email or schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and goals in detail by visiting our "Contact Us" page.

The Access and Support Centre (ASC) provides confidential services to students like you who may require accommodation due to temporary challenges or identified exceptionalities. The ASC team works collaboratively with you and faculty to ensure equal access to all aspects of the academic environment through assistive technology and coaching on self-advocacy and success strategies. 

Student Academic Learning Services (SALS) is a comprehensive resource designed to promote active learning. At SALS, the primary goal is to empower students like you to reach their academic goals through personalized support and guidance: 

  • Learning Specialists: experts in various subject areas, including Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Accounting, and Learning Strategies, who provide tailored support to enhance learning effectiveness.
  • Online Resources: SALS offers a wealth of online resources through SALS ONLINE units in DC Connect, including learning strategies, academic writing modules, videos, tips sheets, quizzes, and practice tests for math, science, and accounting.
  • Writing and Language Specialists: available to assist with academic writing, English language support, assignment clarification, editing skills, referencing, and English language proficiency.
  • Peer Tutoring: upper-year students trained by SALS, offering support in course material review and study tips, with students entitled to 30 hours of peer tutoring per semester.
  • Workshops: academic writing and learning strategies workshops throughout the semester to enhance academic skills and succeed in studies. 

Professional and Part-Time Learning students enrolled in online courses have access to Durham College’s IT Support Desk, ensuring a smooth transition into the virtual learning environment. The IT support team assists with technical challenges, from troubleshooting login issues to navigating online platforms, fostering a conducive online learning experience. 

Our dedicated team of Program Assistants provides administrative support to students, guiding them through the college website, course registration, program requirements, and offering timely email support, facilitating academic responsibilities with ease. 

With a range of resources and a supportive team behind you, students at PPL feel empowered to overcome challenges and achieve their academic and career goals with confidence, enabling you to begin your academic journey with confidence and accomplish your goals. Every obstacle is a stepping stone, every setback a lesson, and every success a testament to your resilience. Believe in your potential, embrace the journey, and dare to dream big and don’t hesitate to embrace success with Durham College's Professional and Part-Time Learning.

DC Professional and Part-time Learning offers a diverse selection of over 50 programs and more than 900 courses designed to help you achieve your career goals. Investing in your career development can lead to promising future opportunities. You can register for many PPL courses either with Monthly Intake Online options, which start every month, or at the beginning of regular semesters such as Fall, Winter, and Spring.

What is Monthly Intake Online? Monthly Intake Online courses are conducted on the OntarioLearn LMS platform and have a unique feature - they start every month, even outside of the regular semester dates. If you need flexibility in your course start date, Monthly Intake Online is an excellent choice.

For financial assistance, please visit the OSAP Eligibility webpage. When you're ready to take the next step, explore your part-time learning options at