Overcoming Academic Hurdles: What to Do If You Don’t Meet Admission Requirements

Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) courses can help meet the prerequisites for college admission and some university programs.

College education provides students with a broad range of knowledge and skills in various fields. It offers them a chance to grow, learn and develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen career. According to a research by Statistics Canada, median employment income for graduates with by higher educational qualification have a higher earning potential.

Several factors can make the admissions process difficult, and at times a challenging process. Many college programs require students meet a certain level of education to be admitted. To meet these requirements, students can take Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) courses, which fulfill the prerequisites for college admission and some university programs.

What is Academic Career Entrance (ACE)?
The Academic Career Entrance (ACE) courses are designed to help students to develop the necessary competencies required for success in post-secondary education. Students can take individual courses to earn specific Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) equivalent credit(s) or complete four courses to receive an ACE Certificate.

The following courses are included in ACE:

  • Apprenticeship Math
  • Biology
  • Business Math
  • Chemistry
  • Communications
  • Computers
  • Core Math
  • Physics
  • Self-Management and Self Direction
  • Technology Math
  • University Stream Biology
  • University Stream Chemistry

The ACE courses and certificate are also used by students and adult learners to fulfill job requirements for employers that require OSSD equivalent certification for hiring and advancement, or to register as an apprentice.

If you are interested in attending and enrolling in the ACE course, you could do it at no cost if you:

  • are an Ontario resident
  • are at least 19 years old
  • are proficient in English
  • can meet the required entry scores on Skillsmarker Assessments

If you do not meet the above requirements for non-fee paying ACE courses you may choose to register for fee-paying ACE+ courses directly here.

Overall, the Academic Career Entrance (ACE) program provides a pathway for students to achieve their academic and career goals, and interested students can learn more and apply on the Durham College website.