About this class

TOPIC: Criminal Victimization and the Impact of Media in the Social Media Age on Victims and Survivors of Crime

Event Host: Joanne Spicer, Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario

Co-Facilitators/Moderators: Priscilla de Villiers and Peter Sampaio, Victim Justice Network, Ontario


  1. Tamara Cherry, Victim/Survivor Advocate, Pickup Communications
  2. Detective Jason Shankaran, Homicide Squad – Major Case Management Section/ViCLAS, Toronto Police Service
  3. Evelyn Fox, Family Homicide Survivor and Victim Advocate

Areas of Inquiry: 

The objective of this classroom is to explore the impacts and challenges of victims interacting with media in the aftermath of criminal victimization, and the lasting impact left on the individual, family and community.  Victims must demonstrate great courage in the aftermath of criminal victimization, and in recent years, the impacts of media have been exacerbated by social media, which permits public commentary, and often harmful and inaccurate information, about high profile criminal incidents as they occur in real time.

Questions that will be Addressed in the Presentations/Discussion:

  • What is the focus of media coverage in the aftermath of a criminal incident?
  • What is the impact of media coverage and/or interaction with victims/survivors of crime, their families and the broader community?
  • What are the benefits of victims/survivors speaking to the media?
  • What are possible risks and/or negative aspects of media coverage for victims/survivors?
  • What is the impact of social media on victims/survivors of crime in the aftermath of criminal incidents?
  • How can victims/survivors of crime be better supported in their interactions with media?

Format: Live Online Presentations followed by Moderated Discussion, delivered in English Language, closed captioning available online via video conferencing


Victim/Survivors of Crime and Advocates, Victim Services, Criminal Justice Services, Community Service Agencies, Social Services, Health Services, Government Agencies who Support or Interact with Victims of Crime, Students, Researchers, Academics


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This event is supported by a project grant from Justice Canada