When my father asked me to pursue post secondary education in Canada I literally jumped of my seat. I was always fascinated by the Great White North and getting an opportunity to study there was like a dream come true. Now, after 10 months I am a 2nd year Computer Programmer Analyst student at Durham College and will never regret my decision of coming to Canada or choosing Durham College as my second home.

On Dec 29, 2010 my flight landed at Pearson International airport, one of the worst days for an International student to enter Canada, knowing nothing about Canadian winters or snow-storms. Some people might be scared of minus 15 below temperature, but not me. I was just too excited about my new life, the whole country was amazing, covered in snow and it felt as if I was going on an adventure. Throughout the journey to Oshawa my eyes were wide open looking through the bus window, the beautiful country that is Canada.

My Durham College, yes it doesn’t mean I own it but I cherish it, where “Student experience comes first” is one of the best colleges in Canada. Durham is one of the few colleges that care about its students and their future. They are creating a new breed of students, experiencing new fun ways of learning, emerging technologies and seen very friendly professors. Some of the best teachers I have seen in my life are in Durham College. Not a single event in last ten month’s has disappointed me. International office at Durham takes really good care of their international students and that was a real boost to my confidence. I don’t know how to say this but International office took care of me just like a mother to her new born baby.

My biggest surprise was that I although I was different from other students in a whole cultural and religious level but was welcomed with open arms. My each day in college brings new smiles, happiness and satisfaction along with a lot of challenges and new friends. Some students have this feeling that we are in a different country and people here are different. I was one of them, but when you meet new people always smile, talk to them and try to break that ice in between. Be part of the social and cross-cultural activities and in no time you’ll make some real good friends.

One of the difficulties I think most students will agree with me is the communication gap between students and professors. I had problems understanding the course outline and my assignments but as I started asking questions and met my professor after class my doubts were gone and questions answered. Always keep the “Never ever give up” attitude.

One advice I can give to all you guys is, till you are here in Canada; respect the country, the people and its laws and regulations. I know being an international student is tough but remember, you chose a better future for yourself and your parents and relatives are proud of you. Just try to make most of what you have right now and trust me, Canada has lots to offer.

By: – Sanjay Surendran