The Best Things in Life Are Spring

By: Jason Svendsgaard

Just for all those students at the equator or below, it has been a very cold winter, here in Canada. In fact, this has been the worst winter in roughly 20 years, or in my case, forever! So now that winter is coming to an end, let’s take a moment to enjoy some of the changes happening right outside my window.

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How to Prepare for Placement

By: Jason Svendsgaard

If you are in school for a health science or community job you will probably have to do one of these if you haven’t already. A placement is more or less an internship that counts as a class. It is usually a pass or fail. For the Practical Nursing program we go into hospitals and work with real clients and provide them care (with supervision of course).

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Walking in a Winter Canadaland

By: Jason Svendsgaard

Ice Ice Baby

It gets hard to take a walk in a winter wonderland when the streets and sidewalks are covered in up to 30mm of ice. In some parts of Ontario the roads were so iced that children took to ice skating in the street. The ice was so thick on my car that I had to chisel it off rather than scrape it. Now that all sounds fun, but what ice did to the trees made going outside dangerous. It split some trees right in two under the weight of the ice.

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Three things that surprised me about Canada

By: Jason Svendsgaard

I can surely tell you that I’m not in Kansas anymore, I am in Canada! When most people think of Canada we think of three things, hockey, Mounties, and polar bears. Those, however, are not the most surprising things!

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Sanjay January 16, 2012

Hello Everyone,

First of all let me say Happy 2012 to all of you and let this New Year be healthy and prosperous for you and your family. I completed my first year in Durham College and Canada on 29th Dec, 2011 and what a great year it has been. Continue reading…

Sanjay November 30, 2011

Hey friends,

Like every year, we are marching towards another winter, Christmas and New Year, but this time it’s different for most of us, “It’s in Canada.” Canada is geographically placed near The North Pole so you can imagine the kind of winter I am talking about. Continue reading…

Sanjay – November 4, 2011

Hello friends,

For some of you last few weeks were terrible. I know the reason, your first “MID-TERMS”. If you did good pat on your back, but if you didn’t, don’t worry because today I am going to give you my secrets/mantras of success and when I say secrets, they really work:- Continue reading…


When my father asked me to pursue post secondary education in Canada I literally jumped of my seat. I was always fascinated by the Great White North and getting an opportunity to study there was like a dream come true. Continue reading…