Subject Librarians

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911 Emergency and Call Centre Communications Trish Johns-Wilson
Accounting – Business, Business Administration Kaelan Caspary
Addictions and Mental Health Lydia Thorne
Advanced Filmmaking Trish Johns-Wilson
Advertising and Marketing Communications, Digital Media Management Trish Johns-Wilson
Animal Care Meg Miller
Animation Trish Johns-Wilson
Architectural Technology Kate Gibbings
Artificial Intelligence Analysis, Design and Implementation Kaelan Caspary
Business Administration (Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing) Kaelan Caspary
Chemical Laboratory Technology Kate Gibbings
Communication Nathalie Zhou
Computer Programmer Kaelan Caspary
Computer Systems Kaelan Caspary
Culinary Arts Nathalie Zhou
Data (Statistical and Geospatial) Meg Miller
Emergency Services & Management Trish Johns-Wilson
Energy/ Power Systems Meg Miller
Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electronics, Electromechanical, Mechanical) Kate Gibbings
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Kaelan Caspary
Fine Arts Trish Johns-Wilson
Fire (Firefighter, Life Safety Systems) Trish Johns-Wilson
Game Art/Development Trish Johns-Wilson
Graphic Design, Foundations in Art & Design Trish Johns-Wilson
Health and Community Services Lydia Thorne
Health Care Technology Management Meg Miller
Hospitality Management Nathalie Zhou
Hotel Management Nathalie Zhou
Information Systems Security Kaelan Caspary
International Business Management Kaelan Caspary
Journalism and Broadcasting Trish Johns-Wilson
Languages Nathalie Zhou
Law Clerk, Legal Administration Trish Johns-Wilson
Library and Information Technician Kaelan Caspary
Literature Nathalie Zhou
Media (Production & Design, Pre-Media, Fundamentals) Trish Johns-Wilson
Mediation – Alternative Dispute Resolution Trish Johns-Wilson
Music Business Administration Trish Johns-Wilson
Office Administration (Executive, General, Health Services) Kaelan Caspary
Office Administration (Legal, Real Estate) Trish Johns-Wilson
Paralegal, Court & Tribunal Agent, Court Support Services Trish Johns-Wilson
Paramedic Trish Johns-Wilson
Philosophy Nathalie Zhou
Photography, Video, Filmmaking Trish Johns-Wilson
Police Foundations, Security, Victimology, Youth Services Trish Johns-Wilson
Public Relations Trish Johns-Wilson
Religion Nathalie Zhou
Renewable Energy Technology Meg Miller
Science (Biomedical, Biotechnology, Environmental, Food & Farming, Food Science, Horticulture, Pharmaceutical, Water Quality) Meg Miller
Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Kate Gibbings
Sports Administration & Sport Business Management Kaelan Caspary
Supply Chain & Operations Management Kaelan Caspary
Tourism Nathalie Zhou
Web Design Trish Johns-Wilson