Subject Librarians deliver customized information literacy classes and workshops, provide research support to students, faculty and staff, and select materials for Library collections. Contact us to discuss research help for assignments and citation tools. We also support faculty in areas such as Open Educational Resources (OERs), copyright, access to data sets, research data management, and scholarly publishing.

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Program Subject Librarian
9-1-1 Emergency and Call Centre Communications Trish Johns-Wilson
Academic Upgrading Nathalie Zhou
Accounting – Business Heather McTavish
Accounting – Business Administration Heather McTavish
Addictions and Mental Health Lydia Thorne
Advanced Law Enforcement and Investigations Trish Johns-Wilson
Advertising – Digital Media Management Trish Johns-Wilson
Advertising and Marketing Communications Trish Johns-Wilson
Animal Care Nathalie Zhou
Animation – Digital Production Trish Johns-Wilson
Architectural Technology Thomas Blennerhassett
Artificial Intelligence Analysis, Design and Implementation Heather McTavish
Autism and Behavioural Sciences Katee English
Automotive Technician – Service and Management Thomas Blennerhassett
Behavioural Science Katee English
Biomedical Engineering Technology Katee English
Biotechnology Katee English
Broadcasting – Radio and Contemporary Media Trish Johns-Wilson
Building Construction Technician Thomas Blennerhassett
Business Fundamentals Heather McTavish
Carpentry and Renovation Technician Thomas Blennerhassett
Chemical Engineering Technology Katee English
Chemical Laboratory Technician Katee English
Child and Youth Care Katee English
Civil Engineering Technician Thomas Blennerhassett
Civil Engineering Technology Thomas Blennerhassett
Communicative Disorders Assistant Katee English
Community Integration Through Co-operative Education Katee English
Computer Foundations Heather McTavish
Computer Programmer Heather McTavish
Computer Programming and Analysis Heather McTavish
Computer Systems Technician Heather McTavish
Computer Systems Technology Heather McTavish
Contemporary Web Design Trish Johns-Wilson
Cosmetic Techniques and Management Heather McTavish
Court Support Services Trish Johns-Wilson
Crane Operation, Rigging and Construction Techniques Thomas Blennerhassett
Culinary Management Nathalie Zhou
Culinary Skills Nathalie Zhou
Cybersecurity Heather McTavish
Data Analytics for Business Decision Making Heather McTavish
Dental Assisting Lydia Thorne
Dental Hygiene Lydia Thorne
Dental Reception and Administration Lydia Thorne
Developmental Services Worker Katee English
Early Childhood Education Katee English
Electrical Engineering Technician Thomas Blennerhassett
Electrical Techniques Thomas Blennerhassett
Electromechanical Engineering Technology Thomas Blennerhassett
Electronics Engineering Technician Thomas Blennerhassett
Electronics Engineering Technology Thomas Blennerhassett
Emergency Services Fundamentals Trish Johns-Wilson
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Heather McTavish
Environmental Technology Kaelan Caspary
Esport Business Management Heather McTavish
Esthetician – Spa Management Heather McTavish
Finance Heather McTavish
Fine Arts Trish Johns-Wilson
Fire and Life Safety Systems Technician Trish Johns-Wilson
Firefighter – Pre-service, Education and Training Trish Johns-Wilson
Fitness and Health Promotion Lydia Thorne
Foundations in Art and Design Trish Johns-Wilson
Game – Art Trish Johns-Wilson
Gas Technician 2 Thomas Blennerhassett
General Arts and Science Nathalie Zhou
Graphic Design Trish Johns-Wilson
Health Care Technology Management Katee English
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Techniques (HVAC) Thomas Blennerhassett
Horticulture Nathalie Zhou
Hospitality Skills Nathalie Zhou
Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management Nathalie Zhou
Human Resources Heather McTavish
Interactive Media Design Trish Johns-Wilson
International Business Management Heather McTavish
Journalism Trish Johns-Wilson
Law Clerk Trish Johns-Wilson
Library and Information Technician Heather McTavish
Marketing Heather McTavish
Massage Therapy Lydia Thorne
Mechanical Engineering Technician Thomas Blennerhassett
Mechanical Engineering Technology Thomas Blennerhassett
Mechanical Technician – Elevating Devices, Millwright, Plumbing Thomas Blennerhassett
Media Fundamentals Trish Johns-Wilson
Mediation Trish Johns-Wilson
Music Business Administration/Music Business Management Trish Johns-Wilson
Nursing Lydia Thorne
Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant Lydia Thorne
Office Administration – Executive, General, Health Services Heather McTavish
Office Administration – Real Estate Trish Johns-Wilson
Paralegal Trish Johns-Wilson
Paramedic Trish Johns-Wilson
Personal Support Worker Lydia Thorne
Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology Katee English
Photography Trish Johns-Wilson
Police Foundations Trish Johns-Wilson
Power Engineering Techniques Thomas Blennerhassett
PR and Strategic Communications Trish Johns-Wilson
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway Nathalie Zhou
Project Management Heather McTavish
Protection, Security and Investigation Trish Johns-Wilson
Recreation and Leisure Services Heather McTavish
Social Service Worker Katee English
Special Events Management Nathalie Zhou
Sport Administration/Sport Business Management Heather McTavish
Supply Chain and Operations Heather McTavish
Tourism - Destination Marketing Nathalie Zhou
Trades Fundamentals Thomas Blennerhassett
Victimology Trish Johns-Wilson
Video Production Trish Johns-Wilson
Water Quality Technician Kaelan Caspary
Welding Engineering Technician Thomas Blennerhassett
Youth Justice and Interventions Trish Johns-Wilson