Credit Transfer FAQs

I studied previously at Durham College or another post-secondary institution. How do I know if I’m eligible for credit transfer/which courses will transfer?

Please consult the Application for Credit Transfer Student Self-Evaluation Guide to determine if you are eligible for credit transfer. After comparing the courses you previously completed to the courses in your current program, you can proceed with submitting an Application for Credit Transfer.

How do I apply to transfer the previous courses I completed at Durham College or another post-secondary institution?

Durham College has an online Application for Credit Transfer, which can be accessed in MyCampus. Please review “How to Complete Credit Transfer Application”  for a step-by-step guide for completing your request. It is best to determine which courses you wish to transfer and have supporting documentation ready prior to starting your application.

What information is required for a credit transfer evaluation?

An Application for Credit Transfer must include:

  • A formal application. You may complete the online Application for Credit Transfer (found on MyCampus)
  • Official transcript (if not submitted within the past year for admission purposes)
  • Detailed course syllabi (not course descriptions) in the year/term the previously course(s) was taken.
  • Payment – there is a non-refundable $16/course evaluation and processing fee for core courses.
  • For general electives or breadth electives, there is a $16 processing fee. We will review your transcript for up to 3 electives. Course outlines are not required.
  • NOTE:  For Internal requests (courses previously completed at Durham College) do not require supporting documentation or payment.

How long does it take to hear back regarding a credit transfer request?

Requests for credit transfer typically take between 3-6 weeks to receive a response. This may be higher during peak periods (i.e. semester start). It is recommended that requests be submitted prior to course commencement. Credit transfer requests must be submitted by the tenth (10th) day of classes each semester.

What minimum grades are required for courses to transfer?

For external courses (courses completed at another college or university) to transfer, you must have achieved a minimum grade of 60 per cent or the minimum passing grade for the course, whichever is higher.

For internal courses (courses previously completed at Durham College) to transfer, you must have achieved the passing grade for the course you are seeking exemption from.

My courses were completed a few years ago, is there an age limit for courses to transfer?

To ensure your previous education is relevant and up-to-date, courses used for credit transfer must typically have been completed within the past five years. This is particularly true for justice and emergency services, health and community services and computer courses.

Applications can be submitted for courses submitted beyond five years but may be denied based on age. General education electives are less strict on time requirements.

If your courses are too aged for credit transfer, you may consider Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). PLAR provides a way to challenge the learning outcomes of a course using previous work/life experience. Information about PLAR can be found at:

How will approved equivalencies and credits appear on my academic record?

If approved for a credit transfer, you will receive a grade of “TC” for the course approved for exemption. The grade achieved at your previous institution will not be included in your GPA calculation.

If approved using a previously completed Durham College course with the same credit weighting (i.e. a 3-credit course for a 3-credit course), your previous course (and grade) will be used to satisfy the requirement of the course in your new program and will be included in your GPA calculation. If you are using more than one course to equal two courses (i.e. COURSE A+COURSE B = COURSE AB) or your previous course had a different credit weighting than your current course (i.e. a 4-credit course toward a 3-credit course) you will be exempted from your current course. An exemption is recorded on your academic transcript as an “EX” and is not included in GPA calculation.

Is there a deadline to apply for credit transfer?

Credit transfer requests must be received by the tenth (10th) day of classes. It is highly recommended that requests be submitted 3-4 weeks prior to course commencement.

Is there a limit to how many courses I can be exempt from?

You may receive credit for up to a maximum of 75 per cent of your Durham College program. A minimum 25 per cent of courses for the program must be completed at Durham College.

I disagree with a credit transfer evaluation, can I appeal?

Typically, credit transfer evaluations can only be reversed if additional information is provided to support the request (such as a second course, a more detailed course outline, etc.). If you disagree with a credit transfer denial, please e-mail to inquire about what information is needed.