At least 25% of courses in a certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, graduate certificate or degree program of study must be completed at DC through means other than credit transfer. Programs may have program-specific or course-specific requirements for credit transfer and letter of permission (LOP) eligibility.


Courses approved as equivalent and dropped from your timetable may impact your full-time enrolment status, which could impact your OSAP funding or eligibility for other student financial aid options. Dropping to part-time status may also impact access to other student benefits and services such as the U-Pass, medical coverage, and access to the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre.

You may add classes to your schedule to maintain a full-time status. Apply early to ensure you can add classes before the add/drop deadline each semester if you would like to maintain a full-time course load.


Applications for external Credit Transfer must be accompanied by a non-refundable $16/course evaluation fee.

Please note: Any successful credit transfer applications will not result in a tuition-fee adjustment unless you are dropped to part-time status before day 10. Please consult with Financial Aid if you are in receipt of OSAP and have questions regarding the number of courses you can be exempt from without dropping to part-time status and how this could impact your funding.


As a professional and part-time learning student, you may submit an application to transfer courses at any time. You should first apply and gain acceptance to the professional and part-time learning program you wish to pursue; however, you should not register in the course you are planning to be exempted from as you will not be refunded for any enrolled courses.

Please note: Professional and Part-Time Learning requests for credit transfer may take longer than the typical 10 to 15 business days if Durham College is not the host college for the course and requires external expertise to evaluate the request.


Prior learning completed at a career college or private institution is not eligible for credit transfer. Courses must be completed at a recognized post-secondary institution. If you have studied previously through a career college or private institution, you can investigate Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).


Ontario Colleges and McDonald’s Canada


McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada and Ontario Colleges have partnered to offer educational opportunities for McDonald’s employees to pursue post-secondary education in Business programs at colleges throughout Ontario.


Durham College (DC) will grant recognition for first-year business credit into our Entrepreneurship and Small Business – Business (McDonald’s transfer) program to McDonald’s second assistant managers who have completed the Management Development Program Level 2 (MDP), and the following additional requirements:

  1. Business Math assessment or course.
  2. Communications assessment or course.
  3. General Education Elective course.

Upon completion of the McDonald’s MDP Level 2 successful applicants to DC’s diploma program can complete a two-year Ontario College diploma in as little as one year. Our program is offered in-class on a full-time or part-time basis, with some courses available online.


Apply to level 1 of DC’s Entrepreneurship and Small Business – Business (McDonald’s Transfer) program (code: BESM) at

Submit the following documentation as part of your application to this program:

  • McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Training Verification form signed by the applicant’s McDonald’s regional training manager (Training must have been completed within three years of the application).
  • Secondary school transcript and any post-secondary transcripts (if applicable).

Please note: DC reserves the right to validate that you have met Grade 12 English and math admission requirements through previous education or pre-admission testing.