Where to start

  • Seek medical attention if needed. Even if there are no obvious injuries, it is important to seek medical attention from somewhere you feel comfortable.
  • Share if comfortable. Share with someone you trust such as a close friend, a family member, a professor, or a coach. Let them know what you need.
  • Connect with support. There are resources on- and off-campus that are ready to support you.

Support is available to all members of the DC community through the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (CFCE131). Our sexual violence educator and support coordinator can assist you, with your consent, to:

  • Identify on-campus and community resources;
  • Create a safety plan;
  • Advocate for academic and other accommodations; and
  • Understand reporting options available to you.

Report sexual violence


Informal reports can be made to the Office of Student Diversity, Inclusion, and Transitions. These reports are kept on file for information purposes and will not result in an internal (on-campus) or criminal investigation. Referral to on-campus and community resources will also be provided.

To file an informal report, contact:

The Sexual Violence Educator and Support Coordinator
Office of Student Diversity, Inclusion and Transitions
CFCE Room 131
p. 905.721.2000 x. 3100
e. svsupport@durhamcollege.ca


You can file a formal report at the Office of Campus Safety. Formal reports will result in either an internal or police investigation.

You can contact campus security by phone at 905.721.2000 x.2400 or by email at security@dc-uoit.ca.

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