Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching is a service offered to registered ASC students who need support with various academic enabling skills including time management, organization, prioritizing, breaking down & clarifying assignments, study & learning strategies, learning to navigate the online platforms or simply receiving advice and social support.    

Students are matched with upper year students who will assist in these areas on either a weekly basis or a drop-in basis. 

Peer Coaches do not provide content specific support or tutoring.  For this service please contact


To apply for a peer coach please see attached referral form.

If you are a second year or third year student with strong academic skills and want to become a peer coach, please email


The ASC also provides Executive Skills Coaching (by Accessibility Coach referral only).  The Executive Skills coach is a staff member who provides the same support as mentioned above however has additional expertise and is able to meet with students more than once per week as needed to assist in attaining academic goals.


What previous students have said about the peer coaching program and our peer coaches …

College Survival Tips

Former peer coaching students were asked “What is one thing that you know now that you wish you knew then” that would have helped with your transition to college:

Name Program Year Answer
William Web Design 2 Attend all classes and do homework
Alexander Recreation and Leisure Services 1 Learn how to cite because you have to cite every paper you hand in (MLA & APA)

Learn proper study techniques

Ryan Broadcasting 1 Get in the habit of studying because no one is going to tell you what to do
Sara Biotechnology Advanced 1 Known better about getting homework/assignments done on time
Eric General Arts & Science 1 To get a tutor and/or peer coach sooner
Jeffrey ECE 1 To stay on top of things better and plan out free time
Nathan Journalism 1 Be more prepared time management wise


Kimberly Foundations of art and design   Be confident in your work


Lucia Recreation and leisure services 1 To know that most Professors are understanding and be honest/open with them
Enoch Game Development 1 The importance of meeting deadlines on time
Savannah ECE 1 Knowing that professors are more understanding, staying organized helps tremendously, and getting work done ahead of time
Stephanie Chemical Engineering 2 Prioritize, don’t fall behind on assignments and attend all classes,

If you have gaps between classes, do not leave campus. Spend time catching up on work & if you have questions on anything, ask your professors


Natasha GAS 1 The amount of actual support that is available
Alvin Academic Upgrading 1 The amount of people willing to help you succeed college
Ashlee CYC 1 How helpful and beneficial these services are and the many supports available
Kayano Journalism 1 Reach out when you are in need. Don’t let insecurity delay you from doing your best