Are you…

  • Anxious or overwhelmed?
  • Feeling desperate or hopeless?
  • Having difficulty coping with daily problems?
  • Not wanting to talk to friends or family?
  • Turning to alcohol or drugs to feel better?
  • Having changes of mood, less patience, or angry outbursts?
  • Needing someone to talk to between appointments with counsellors/therapists?
  • Not feeling you are in touch with reality?
  • Having suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of hurting yourself or others?

There is help available, and it is important to speak with someone. You can contact one of the following crisis Supports (In the event you cannot connect with a particular support, it’s important to not give up, and to try another.):


If you are on campus, call 905.721.3211 immediately, or ext. 2400 if calling from a campus landline.

If you are off-campus, call 911 immediately.

On Campus Crisis Supports

Find crisis supports on campus at

Community Crisis Supports

Crisis Phone Lines (24/7, free, confidential)


Crisis App Chat (on Mobile Devices) (24/7, free, confidential)          


Crisis Web Chat (free, confidential)


Crisis Text (free, confidential)