Three different styles of the Durham College logo


The consistent and proper use of the Durham College (DC) logo not only strengthens recognition for DC but also projects our  established reputation onto all of the many individual entities that make up our college.

To reinforce the DC logo – and thereby the college itself – as our foundation, the DC brand prohibits the use of any additional iconography, marks or artwork in conjunction with the logo or any supplemental signature. Approved, secondary identity elements may be used as supporting art, but they should always be clearly separated from our official logo.

The preferred use of the logo is our full-colour version on a solid white or light background. This version should be used whenever possible. When the preferred use is not feasible, the following variations (and only these variations) may be used:

  • White logo on a solid dark background
  • Green (341) logo on a solid light background
  • Black logo on a solid light background

The spacing and positioning of the primary logo elements should not be recreated or altered for any reason. The primary logo must be used in its entirety (Shield, DURHAM COLLEGE and SUCCESS MATTERS tagline).

Logo files

For access to the logo files please contact

Small applications artwork

These wordmarks should be used only when small imprints or sizes are necessary. this includes giveaway items (pens, etc.), or social media profile images.

dc bars logo

3 colour imprint

Durham College

Single colour imprint