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Logos and graphical elements



DC logo


Carrying the full weight of the college’s rich history, this logo is firmly planted in tradition with the use of a modernized shield, DC green and Success Matters tagline.

This logo will continue to be used on prominent corporate applications, such as our buildings and official documents.

Significant equity in the full logo has been built over the past decade and we are now in a position to introduce additional logo options that provide flexibility and progression while maintaining DC’s brand recognition.

These additional options are outlined below.




DC logo


DC logo


DC wordmarks should be used in tandem with the graphical elements and colours below when the full logo is not required. This modern and cohesive design allows the brand elements to seamlessly merge our legacy of quality education with the bold new story of how we are inspiring learners, innovating within our community and leading the way.



Inspired by our full logo, these elements maintain our roots and powerful brand equity by creating visual continuity. These icons may be used on their own or alongside DC wordmarks to provide visual cues associated with the DC brand. They are ideal for use in designs that call for impact, or require streamlined or minimalist elements, such as branded merchandise, flyers, social media, or publication covers.

An additional application of a 45-degree angle can be used in a design to imply energy, forward thinking and movement.


DC logo


These wordmarks should be used only when small imprints or sizes are necessary. this includes giveaway items (pens, etc.), or social media profile images.


DC logo


The main advantage of the DC bars lies is their adaptability to different media and formats. Horizontal or vertical lines are used to visually display a common usage of the corporate colours. The bars also create a familiar element that can be used in many formats.


  • White line in between bars should be 1pt weight.
  • If bars are adjacent to a solid block of black or green, the bars should be inversed so the contrasting colour lays next to the solid block.


DC logo


This logo exhibits DC’s school spirit and can be used on a variety of materials.


  • This word mark is a fun and engaging way to enhance your message or design.
  • This does not replace the DC logo or wordmark.


DC logo


This is a symbol that is simplified and stylized to be easily recognized as associated with DC.


  • This element can be used as a supplementary feature on your material to complement the logo.
  • The element does not take the place of the DC logo.

Not sure if your ideas are in line with our brand guidelines? Communications and Marketing is here to help. Email for a review, samples, or advice.

Logo files

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