A photo of The Pit in the Gordon Willey building

Internal branding

By optimizing its usage within our campus environment, we can leverage our brand through our physical space and make the experience of being at DC – across all campuses – a unique and cohesive one.

There are many visual elements that come together to reinforce our brand. Those elements include everything from colours and fonts to merchandise and signage. The more pieces and parts that adhere to brand guidelines, the stronger the message. The stronger the message, the more memorable the experience. Our physical environment is one of the best ways to utilize visual elements and reinforce our brand.

These environmental brand guidelines are to be incorporated into our physical spaces. From the smallest room to the largest gym, every place at DC has the potential to reinforce our brand.

While every space should have something we’re calling ‘a presence of green,’ it doesn’t mean everything needs to be covered in DC green. Even a hint will do.

Green is the colour that identifies us as DC. Use of this colour is the easiest way to tap into that powerful recognition and connect each space with the brand. To ensure consistency, be sure to use the proper specifications below, and consider that a generous use of neutral allows our colours, and any others, to stand out.

A secondary palette of approved colours, for use in paint, fabrics, tiles and many other materials and applications is provided. Remember, these colours should be used in a secondary way, letting our green shine.

Love the logo

The DC logo is the primary identifier in all communications  and it should be well represented in our physical environment.

By adhering to a standardized use of the logo, the image of DC is reinforced as a cohesive, powerful entity, amplifying the impact of our visual communications and our environment.

For more information on logo usage, see the logo page.

Approved colours

A wide environmental palette has been established to help brand spaces. Neutrals have been selected to highlight the core colours, and a secondary palette established with flexibility in mind.

Wall Paint Colours

ICI™ 581

Squirrel Grey

Sherwin Williams SW 6197

Aloof Gray

ICI™ 10BB 43/206

Horizon Blue

ICI™ 90YY 58/424

June Bud

ICI™ 88YY 66/447

Green Grape

ICI™ 30YR 21/505

Red Badge

Sherwin Williams SW 6885

Knockout Orange

ICI™ 82YY 85/038

Belgium Lace

ICI™ 01BB 69/098


ICI™ 36BB 46/231


ICI™ 90YY 58/424


ICI™ 10GY 52/541


Sherwin Williams SW 6881


Trim Paint Colours

ICI™ 30YY 33/047

Old Monterey