Using Durham College’s Respondus Lockdown Browser revolutionized testing and marking for me while still preserving the integrity of a closed-book test. So, let me tell you why you should consider using it!

When the Lockdown Browser is used, students using their own laptops are not permitted to access anything other than the test. The Lockdown Browser takes over their laptop and prevents them from accessing their notes, messaging apps, Google or any other aid. It is exactly like a closed book test, just online and without the wasted paper.

Why do I love the Lockdown Browser? Many of my courses have both a mid-term and a final test with multiple choice and short answer questions. Typically, marking one test takes 3-4 hours. By using the Lockdown Browser, the marking for the multiple choice is automatic and once I mark the short answer, all the grades are transferred to the grade book automatically. In the end, instead of 3-4 hours, one test takes 30-40 minutes!

In addition, the Lockdown Browser is easy to set-up. You set the test up just as you normally would using the Quizzes function in DC Connect (so you can still use your Question Library). Once completed, you click that you want the Lockdown Browser for the test and choose a password – it really is that simple!

There is a little bit of work that must be done in advance of test day, but it typically only takes 10-15 minutes of class time. In advance of test day, you have your students download the Lockdown Browser onto their laptops. Once downloaded, I get my students to complete a one question quiz (worth no marks) to ensure that the Lockdown Browser works on their laptops. If a student has an issue launching the Lockdown Browser that I cannot easily troubleshoot, I tell them to go to IT and get it resolved. I tell my students that on test day, they will not be given any additional time should they have any technical difficulties. However, not once has there been an issue on test day that was not easily solved within a minute or two (usually by asking the student to restart their computer).

And as always, the CAFE is there to help you with any questions along the way!

Click here for more information for Respondus Lockdown Browser at Durham College.

Kerri Knudsen B.A.(Hons.), LL.B.