What are Brainstorming and Mind-mapping Tools?

Brainstorming is a group activity for gathering, and possibly organizing, numerous spontaneous ideas/thoughts around a concept or problem.

Mind-mapping is a process of visually organizing information, often in a way that illustrates the connections between concepts or ideas. Mind maps often position a central concept at the core of the diagram, with related text, drawings, or images spanning out as branches.

What is the purpose of Brainstorming and Mind-mapping Tools?

Various online tools support the organization and representation of brainstorming or mind-mapping activities. These tools aid in the creation, sharing, and refinement of maps, figures, and diagrams.

How to use Brainstorming and Mind-mapping Tools

Tools such as Lucidchart and Coggle allow you to create a range of different diagrams and figures to represent your brainstorming or mind-mapping activities visually. Often online brainstorming/mind-mapping tools such as these support collaborative, sharing, and editing features, allowing multiple members of a team to work on the same map synchronously.

Tools such as these may be useful for supporting teaching and learning activities such as:

  • Engaging in brainstorming activities as part of a project or assignment
  • Exploring the connections between course concepts
  • Visually representing a course syllabus and major course elements
  • Developing highly visual figures and diagrams for conveying information