Flexible and HyFlex Delivery


Flexible Delivery Mode Options
Flex delivery allows students to choose where they learn for a synchronous session. Students can either:

  1. Attend sessions face-to-face on campus, or
  2. Attend sessions synchronously online


HyFlex delivery allows students to choose where they learn for a class session. Students can either:

  1. Attend sessions face-to-face on campus,
  2. Attend sessions synchronously online, or
  3. Complete lesson content asynchronously online


A flexible course is delivered with some students and faculty in-person and learning activities are broadcast to other students remotely at the same time.

A HyFlex course is delivered with three delivery modes for students to choose from; in-person; synchronously, where learning activities are broadcast to students online at the same time; or asynchronous, where students learn and complete activities at their own-pace. Students choose delivery mode from class to class.

For more information on digital delivery modes, please visit the Digital Delivery Modes page.

What are the Principles of Flex Teaching and Learning?

Four Pillars of Flexible Teaching and Learning
According to Brian J. Beatty (2019), flexible course design centres around four pillars:

  • learner choice
  • equivalency
  • reusability, and
  • accessibility.

What rooms have been outfitted with Flex equipment?

Looking for Flex Delivery Support?

Below are some resources that may help:

  1. DC Connect Flexible Delivery Workshop Course
    The CTL has designed a Flexible Delivery course within D2L. This course can be taken asynchronously, synchronously online, or in-person. Please connect with Tanya Wakelin in the CTL (tanya.wakelin@durhamcollege.ca) to register for this course and explore when the synchronous online and in-person participation options are available.
  2. Flexible Delivery Community of Practice
    In addition to the Toolkit, we have designed a Flexible Delivery Community of Practice through MS Teams. In this digital space, we can share our challenges and successes as well as any tips and tricks we discover throughout the year on this flexible delivery journey. If you are interested in being part of this digital space, you can use this team code - 99s1q34 - to register.
  3. Monthly Synchronous Sessions
    We will be hosting synchronous sessions focused on specific flex delivery topics such as course design and development, instructional design, pedagogical considerations, technology innovations, and more. The aim of these sessions is to provide a space for faculty to discuss their flexible delivery journey. Through this collaboration, we can all build our flexible delivery capacity. Refer to the CTL Professional Development Monthly calendar for dates and registration.