Planning to Teach Remotely

Teaching during times of potential disruption requires creative and flexible thinking about how faculty can support students in achieving course learning outcomes. This page offers suggestions for faculty at Durham College looking to continue offering a student-centered learning experience in an remote learning environment.

You’ve determined what delivery mode and assessments are the most appropriate.  The next step would be to consider your online course deliverables.  Check out this  resource on online course deliverables.


Communicating with your students

Looking for exemplars communicating with students? Check out this link from the Association of Colleges and University Educators Online Teaching Toolkit. And, don’t forget to share your revised learning plan!



To ensure accessibility, please include captions on your videos. Check out our page on Captioning to learn more.
Synchronous (Live) Session
  • In Zoom meetings, all attendees (host, co-host, and participants) can share their screens by default. You can use Zoom meetings to allow students to become the 'Presenter'

Demonstrating a skill

Student Engagement

In-Class Discussions

Synchronous (Live) Session
Asynchronous Discussion
  • Use Discussion Board on DC Connect
  • Create a web - or grid - of video discussions

Here is a link from Western Carolina University that provides some tips of designing effective discussion questions.


Unsupervised (Open-Book)

Looking for some alternate ways to assess other than a final exam? Check out this link from Brock University.



Synchronous (Live)
Asynchronous Presentations

Student Resources