Curriculum Development

Good teaching and learning begins with a well thought-out curriculum. A strong infrastructure supports faculty with delivery and creating the learning and assessment opportunities for student success. At Durham College, the course outline is our foundational and most significant curriculum document for faculty and students. It communicates to the faculty and students the learning expectations (course learning outcomes), the assessment opportunities (evaluation criteria), and the weekly schedule of learning activities and assessments (Learning Plan). Quality curriculum begins with clear and measurable course learning outcomes (CLOs), a variety in the types of evaluations, a strong relationship between the learning expectations (CLOs) and the evaluations, and course content and learning activities to support the students to successfully meet the CLOs and complete the evaluations.

Visit the Aligning and Building Curriculum (ABC) Resources website for a discussion about the principles and frameworks to support developing strong curriculum. The CTL also has a number of resources, which can be found below.

Please contact Anna Natoli, Manager, Program and Curriculum Development, Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)