New Program Development

Developing a new program is a collaborative effort and requires expertise, input and support from community partners, industry stakeholders, and Durham College faculty and staff. The initial phase of new program development includes a number of key steps including the completion of market research, program proposal, credential validation, MTCU and Board of Governor’s approval. Following this, program representatives work with curriculum, teaching, and technology specialists at the CAFE to develop course outlines, new program curriculum mapping, and learning materials.

Curriculum development work typically begins with a meeting with one of our Curriculum Specialists to orient to the resources available and establish a foundation of quality curriculum design. Contact us at to set up an appointment.

In addition to the guidance and support from CAFE, course developers should review all relevant curriculum development policies and procedures and quality course outline criteria. Current policies and procedures can be located on ICE (Information Centre for Employees, Durham College intranet) or the academic policies section of the Durham College website.

Key curriculum policies and procedures for new program development include:

  • New Program Development
  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Course Outline
  • Curriculum Development
  • PLAR

A variety of workshops and resources are available for every new program team, whether this consists of existing faculty, contract faculty, or contracted course outline developers. Contact us at to set up an appointment.