Tools for Teaching and Learning

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The tools and information presented are curated for the purpose of showcasing potential application within teaching and learning. Given the rapid pace of progress within the field of AI, the CTL cannot provide support for all artificial intelligence tools. The analyses were accurate at the time of publishing. DC and the CTL do not assume responsibility for tool performance or accuracy. Faculty should exercise their judgment before adopting any AI tools.

Categories of Generative AI

Generative AI tools can be categorized by the types of data they generate (outputs) and the specific tasks each tool aims to accomplish. Consider the purpose of the tool and review the options available for the generative AI tools analyzed to guide your selection:


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Text generation, grammar, and editing

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Image or presentation creation

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Information generation and synthesis

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Video Generation

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Note: These categories are not mutually exclusive, and many generative AI tools can overlap multiple categories.

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Generative AI Tools for Teaching and Learning guidebook

The Generative AI Tools for Teaching and Learning guidebook provides an overview of the reviewed tools as of June 2023. Faculty are welcomed and encouraged to explore and reference this guidebook for information on benefits, challenges, opportunities and use cases for their potentially selected tool(s). This guidebook resource is intended to grow to support the rapidly evolving potential impacts of generative AI on higher education.

Generative AI Tools for teaching and Learning (PDF)

For the most up-to-date AI Tool resources, please visit the Generative AI Tool for Teaching and Learning Guidebook in OneDrive.


Along with evaluating the tool for teaching and learning purposes, privacy, data security and FIPPA implications and adherence must be assessed.

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