First Day of Class

Introductions and Connections

Create an announcement in DC Connect, send an email, or create a video introducing yourself prior to the first day of school.

Plan an Ice Breaker/Connection Activity

An ice breaker is an activity or game, that is used to help students get to know each other.

It is very important that students connect with you and their peers from the get go!

Research reveals that students who do not connect with a teacher or other students within the first ten days of class are at a higher risk for dropping out of college.

Connecting Students

Click on the image for some icebreaker
ideas from Lansing College

Make the Most of Your First Day of Class

A successful first class can set the stage for the rest of the semester.

What type of expectations do you have of your students?

What type of expectations do your students have of you?

How can you establish rapport with your students?

How will you engage students in your course content?

First Day of School Four Piece Puzzle Layout. Puzzle pieces read 'Behavioral Expectations', 'Enthusiasm', 'Academic Expectations', 'Rapport with Students'

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Setting Expectations

A great way to get started is to clearly articulate how you expect your students to communicate with you. Some examples can be found on classroom management page.

An example of great way to set expectations with your students, would be to include this video in your DC Connect Announcements.

This animated short video was developed by students for students with the purpose of showing students how to write an email to their professor.


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