DC Connect Template – Interactive Components

What is the Interactive Components DC Connect Template page?

This new template page contains redeveloped interactive components that can easily be added to your DC Connect content. These interactive components allow faculty to customize and embed interactive activities to engage their students and facilitate learning. This need also sparked the creation of a unique quiz builder tool that would support formative and self-assessment for students. This tool allows faculty to create multiple choice or true and false response opportunities embedded within their course content by simply copying and pasting the provided code.

The creation of this new mechanism along with the quiz tool aims to level the playing field for all faculty. Because the interactive tools are designed to allow for customization without requiring programming knowledge such as HTML coding, all faculty can implement these resources in their courses. These components help faculty organize their digital content into digestible chunks and engage in self-assessments, based on design principles and the science of learning.

Please check out this short demo video for a quick glimpse of how it works.

Why would it be useful?

The interactive components such as the accordion, tab and multitarget give faculty an easy way to chunk larger content into smaller pieces to allow for less scrolling and avoid visual distractions to any main ideas or concepts on the page.

The new formative quiz component offers faculty a way to check the students' knowledge within the content presented. The student can easily test their knowledge on the content that was just presented and reflect and move on as needed.

In addition, all these interactive components help to keep the learners’ attention by introducing interactivity while keeping the same look at feel as the rest of the content.

How do I locate and use it?

This new interactive component page can be found under the "Faculty-How-To Guide" module in the "Sandbox 01" sandbox course created after January 31st, 2022. If you have an "Sandbox 01" course prior to February 2022 please check out the following video at the 1:11 mark which will guide you through creating a new "Sandbox 01" course.

If you are new to using our DC Connect template please check out the DC Connect course template information page on how to get started.