New Part-Time Faculty Orientation

What is the Part-time Faculty Orientation program?

Part-time Faculty Orientation is a two-day professional development opportunity designed to introduce you to teaching and learning at Durham College. The program provides the opportunity to actively participate in sessions that will introduce you to the science of learning, curriculum, lesson design, instructional and assessment strategies, and learning technology. It is designed to give new educators the information and strategies to begin in the classroom and is delivered through modelling our philosophy of active and collaborative learning.At the completion of this two day program, faculty will have had the opportunity to:

  • Review Durham College academic policies;
  • Increase their understanding of curriculum and its meaning to their courses;
  • Engage with active learning strategies;
  • Examine various assessment tools and strategies;
  • Explore foundational DC Connect skills; and
  • Enhance their value to Durham College.

We know that you will enjoy your introduction to teaching and learning at Durham College! It’s a great place to work and we’re happy to have you join us!

Part-time Faculty Orientation Agenda

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Fall 2021 Part Time Faculty Orientation

Registering for Part-time Faculty Orientation

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2020-2021 Winter Part-Time Faculty Orientation Infographic

Accessible Microsoft Word version of 2021-2022 Winter Part-Time Faculty Orientation.


New faculty should review Policy Primer for Faculty which is a subset of the policies at Durham that are more likely to directly affect faculty.


For questions or concerns related to part-time orientation, please contact the CTL at