Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is an Office 365 application that allows you to easily create online surveys, quizzes or any other form of data collection. Forms allows for automatic marking and is both desktop and mobile friendly.

Microsoft Forms is accessible to both faculty and students through Microsoft Office 365.

Forms Resources

Microsoft Forms is an easy way to share and collaborate on quizzes, polls and surveys. It’s so easy, even people without Office 365 can add their data to your survey. You have the ability to customize and create forms to test, collect data, or even receive feedback from faculty and students alike.

If you need an easy way to generate and visualize data in real-time, Microsoft Forms is an excellent tool.

General Overview:

  • Login to Office: access O365, go to and sign in with your bannerID, followed by (i.e. and your network password. Step-by-step instructions are available here. Then press “Forms” from your O365 dashboard.
    • Students can login through, by pressing the waffle on the left side of their screen, and selecting “Forms”.
  • For more general information on forms, click here.

How to Use Forms:

These resources can be used by both faculty and students:


  • Microsoft Forms is available in over 60 languages!
  • Microsoft forms is screen reader accessible, so anyone with vision impairments can use the application. It also includes a “immersive reader” feature so the form can be read aloud.
  • Microsoft Forms allows for Keyboard Navigation for anyone can easily and fully access the application.