The small but mighty eLearning team lives within the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge, unique talents, and multi-industry experience to the department.

CTL eLearning supports our DC faculty by

Graphic of a laptop with the DC Connect logo on the screen

Offering support for our learning management system (LMS), DC Connect

Graphic of a desktop computer with on the screen, representing coding a website

Creating online courses that are easy to understand, full of engaging content, AODA compliant and appealing to all students

Graphic of an individual participating in a VR activity

Offering support for educational technology (edTech) integration into courses, including the use of XR devices and related apps.

Graphic of various documents displaying line and bar graphs

Engaging in opportunities for general and discipline-specific professional development, including digital and print resources

Graphic of students sitting in front of a giant desktop with the DC Connect logo on the screen

Delivering professional development opportunities on DC Connect, DC-supported edTech and multimedia

Graphic of various pages representing blog posts.

Creating and delivering web-based marketing, such as eNewsletters and social media campaigns

Project Requests

To initiate a new eLearning project or update an existing eLearning resource, please contact:

NOTE: We love sharing! Assets created by the CTL may be demonstrated and shared with others at the DC, external academic institutions, or internal and external events. 

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