Comprehensive Program Review

The Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) is a collaborative and rigorous assessment of the program. This review is an opportunity to reflect and analyze different data points: curriculum mapping, student satisfaction surveys, enrolment and retention reports, and current student, alumni, and industry feedback. The CPR process allows for critical program reflection leading to a set of recommendations for improvement and action plan. The CPR produces a final review report that is submitted to the Executive Vice-President, Academic for approval and then concludes with a brief presentation by the CPR Review Lead to the Academic Council. CPR occurs on a 5 – 7 year cycle. The CPR final report template is available below. An annual roster of programs undergoing CPR is prepared and approved by the Academic Leadership Team.

Timelines and Milestones
Time of Year Milestones
January CPR Roster Approval, 2021-2022
CPR Roster Approval, 2022-2023
CPR Roster Approval, 2023-2024
CPR Roster Approval, 2024-2025
February / March CPR Orientation and Program Team Focus Group
Curriculum Mapping preparation
April Curriculum Mapping
April / May Annual Program Review
Fall Program Information Package (PIP) presentation
Fall Student Focus Group
Winter External Focus Groups (industry and graduates)
Late Winter Development of Recommendations for Improvement
June 1 Draft Final Report deadline (submitted to School Dean)
June 30 Final Report Deadline (submitted to Manager, AQA
Fall Presentation to Academic Council


Program Review Policy, Regulation and Procedures

All educational institutions are required to undertake regular review of the quality of their academic programs to ensure alignment with Ministry guidelines, frameworks and standards. The CPR process and criteria reflects the College Quality Assurance Accreditation Process (CQAAP) Standards for program quality.

In addition, the program review process is guided by the Durham College Policy and Procedure Academic Program Review and Renewal – Quality Assurance (ACAD-105).

Questions About CPR?

Please contact Briar Jamieson, Manager, Academic Quality, Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL).