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The CTL will be back next semester to host Winter Academic PD Day! Join us to learn and collaborate with your colleagues for a day of sharing and discovery. Details will be shared via a future issue of the CTL Monthly, across our social media channels, and right on this page of the CTL website.

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Event details

Academic PD Day / WINTER 2023

Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

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Keynote Presentations

We are excited to welcome not one but TWO fantastic keynote speakers for the day:

Academic Integrity Based on the Principles of "The Seven Grandfathers"

Our morning keynote presenter is Iehnhotonkwas Bonnie Jane Maracle, Indigenous Learning Strategist, University of Toronto

This session will focus on the Indigenous academic resource which was designed and developed to provide students with a clearer understanding of the U of Toronto’s Academic Integrity guidelines reflected in their Code of Behaviour. The requirements of the guidelines are matched to the pillars of the Seven Grandfathers Teachings for the Anishinaabe.

Photo of Bonnie Jane Maracle

Building Integrity In: Steps and Strategies for Courses and Departments

Our mid-day keynote presenter is Dr. Laurie McNeill, Professor, University of British Columbia

Academic integrity is foundational to the scholarly community, and a core principle we expect our students to uphold. Yet it is often a topic that is poorly understood and difficult to put into practice – and the stakes of misunderstanding are high. What could we do differently in our courses and departments to build a culture of integrity, one in which all better understand how to meet these expectations – and why they should? How can we work together – with our colleagues, our institutions, and our students – to make academic integrity a meaningful and achievable practice?

This session shares research, resources, and strategies to help faculty, staff, and administrators build a culture of integrity, creating the conditions in which students better understand not only how to meet the expectations of academic integrity but also why they should. Participants will leave with specific practices and resources they can adapt for their own courses and programs.

Photo of Dr. Laurie McNeill



  • Rogier ten Kate, DC Faculty, Faculty of Business
  • Danielle Harder, DC Faculty, Faculty of Media, Art & Design
  • Jonathan Carrigan, DC Faculty, Faculty of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship

This highly interactive workshop will introduce you to the collaboration techniques used by the world’s most innovative companies, including Apple, Cirque du Soleil, and IBM. Network with peers, brainstorm ideas, and work through an applied practice problem, as you learn simple and effective techniques for creative problem-solving.

*NOTE: This session runs until 4 p.m.

  • Lynne Kennette, DC Faculty, Faculty of Liberal Studies
  • Morgan Chapman, DC Faculty, Faculty of Liberal Studies
Part of our jobs as teachers is to provide feedback. It can be difficult not to focus on corrective feedback (here is what you did wrong/where you lost points/how you could improve), but it’s also important to provide praise (positive feedback). In this session, we’ll look at what feedback is, why it’s important to include positive feedback (and the damaging effects that all-negative/corrective feedback can have), and some ways you can help yourself remember to include positive feedback in your communication with students.
  • Rosemarie Grivich, Learning Specialist, SALS
  • Milena Cegile, DC Faculty, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Information Technology
  • Craig Black, Learning Specialist, SALS
  • Brett Clayton, Learning Technologies Specialist, CTL
What to bring: Laptop Are any of your students struggling in your course and perhaps unaware of how to get help or even what help is available? When they finally do reach out for help, it may be too late. The PASS (Performance Alert and Support System) program uses an Intelligent Agent in DC Connect to reach out to students via email every 3 weeks starting at the beginning of week 5. It uses traffic signal style indicators and a message to let the student know how they are doing academically and if needed, provides resources for accessing additional support. Join us to learn how you can support your students through the simple integration of PASS into your course on DC Connect.
  • Linda Cheng, DC Faculty, Faculty of Media, Art & Design
  • Danielle Harder, DC Faculty, Faculty of Media, Art & Design
  • Janine Knight-Grofe, Director, International Education
  • Brian Stephens, DC Faculty, Faculty of Media Art & Design
Join us to learn more about how to get involved in a FLCA and, better yet, how to make it a collaborative project – with another program and/or international partner – to further strengthen your students’ cross-cultural skills.


  • Nicole Doyle, DC Faculty, Faculty of Social & Community Services
  • Amanda Cappon, DC Faculty, Faculty of Social & Community Services

Sarah Sales, Nadia Sifri, Zoe Straw, Erin Williamson

Applied research projects offer students valuable connections to their communities and their future work. Join us to hear from students who have been involved in applied research projects. The students will talk about the work that they have done and how it has helped to enhance their overall experience as Durham College students.


During the lunch hour, head to the CFCE atrium to get a photo! Communications and Marketing will have a booth setup for attendees looking for a new headshot.

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