Experiential Learning Resources With Riipen

Durham College students have a new avenue for receiving experiential learning opportunities thanks to the college’s recent implementation of Riipen, a software platform that connects educators, industry partners and students together for course-based micro-experiences. Riipen gives instructors the opportunity to search for or submit desired real-world work-integrated experiences with industry partners that they can embed into curriculum as in-class assignments, competitions or longer duration projects.

With the world’s largest library of proven experiential learning project templates available through Riipen for instructors and industry partners, faculty can select dynamic business challenges for students to solve in real-time that will enhance learning and better prepare them for the workforce.

How we are supporting educational institutes through remote experiences

Riipen's platform was created to enhance collaborations between employers and students regardless of where they are physically located. Over the past 5+ years, the vast majority of engagements between industry and students on Riipen have been entirely online and delivered remotely through our platform. This has uniquely prepared our team to help our community of academic and industry partners to successfully transition to online collaborations during these challenging times.

When is the best time to use Riipen?

The following monthly timeline highlights key actions to take each month. Dates aside, we always recommend posting your courses as early as possible.

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Want to know more?

Awesome! Durham College has a dedicated account representative, Adam, available to help you! He is available to discuss Riipen and your subject area, any ideas you have or questions about the process. Don’t be shy!

Here is a great description of how Riipen works!

Also, consider visiting the official riipen website.

Further Exploration of Riipen Platform

If you are interested in getting started with Riipen, or learning more, you can sign up as an educator at HERE.

You can check out assignments from other academic institutions in the assignment library (use Advanced search to see archived assignments from past semesters), and you can browse projects from industry partners in the in-class projects library.

To find guides and best practices for educators, and instructions for creating assignments, check out the Riipen Academy.

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