Keeping accessibility in mind is important when delivering and creating content.

Legal Obligation

According to AODA Section 14, all recorded videos that include audio must have captions “except when the media is a media alternative for text and is clearly labeled as such” (How to Meet WCAG, 2020). Live video does not require captions. Keep in mind - live video that is recorded must have captions available on the recorded version.

Are captions required for live video?
Although captions are not required for live video (for example: during synchronous classes), they can be beneficial to all users.

Are captions required for pre-recorded videos?
Yes, captions are required for all pre-recorded videos.


Here are some resources to help ensure your online video delivery will remain accessible to our students. In the list below, find the tool or application being used to create or deliver your video content.


Is your content live or recorded?

Microsoft Teams

Is your content live or recorded?


Is your content live or recorded?

DC Connect Video Note

Sharing Videos with YouTube

Sharing Videos with Microsoft OneDrive

Sharing Videos with Microsoft Stream

Chrome has a built-in accessibility feature that generates live captions for any video content playing within the browser!

To turn this feature on:  When playing a video, locate and click on the Media control icon (represented with a music note) in the top right corner of the browser.
Then turn on Live Caption [English Only].

Chrome interface showing Media control icon and option to turn on Live Captions.

Once this setting is turned on, captions will be displayed at the bottom of the browser window whenever a video is playing within the browser.

For more information on this feature, visit: Use Live Caption in Chrome.

Captioning Service Through the CTL

  • Are the auto captions for your videos inaccurate?
  • Do you have a student who requires captioning as an accommodation?
  • Are you sharing a YouTube video that doesn’t have auto captions and you do not own it?

If any of the above apply, please complete the Captioning Request Form to have your video professionally captioned through the CTL.