Generative AI

Closeup photo of a smartphone in one's hand with a robot logo and the letters AI appearing on the screen.

Generative Artificial Intelligence or Generative AI (GenAI) is an artificial intelligence system developed to generate text, images, codes, solutions to science problems and other applications across many industries. It uses generative models, machine learning and expert systems trained on data set to create outputs and useful data.

DC’s Interim* Statement on Using Generative AI in Teaching & Learning

Generative AI is evolving at a rapid pace and colleges must adapt to the use of AI responsibly and with critical consideration. DC supports faculty in exploring GenAI, and evaluating the benefits of adopting it where it will enhance student learning and align with industry expectations. We are preparing learners for the future world of work, in which GenAI will be a cornerstone. Graduates who hold a critical understanding of the purpose and use of GenAI will be valued and productive members of the labour market and economy. GenAI can create the opportunity to develop critical and creative thinkers when leveraged by faculty in purposeful and meaningful ways.

Directives for the permitted or prohibited use of GenAI in course work and assessments must be communicated with students clearly, in writing, ahead of any learning activity or assessment. Faculty are encouraged to ensure this communication is specific and detailed and to maintain an open dialogue about expectations; and it is the responsibility of the student to adhere to GenAI directives on a course-by-course basis and seek clarification in the case of uncertainty. Principles of academic integrity, as outlined by policy ACAD-101 – Academic Integrity, apply to all instances of GenAI use.


Sample directive statements for inclusion on course outlines and assessment instructions are available in GenAI Directives in Outlines and courses. Faculty are encouraged to reach out to for additional support.


This resource will be continually updated to support faculty who choose to integrate GenAI in their teaching and learning practice. Check back often!

*This statement may be revised as policy and procedure related to Generative AI is developed.