Teaching Squares

Would you like to have an opportunity to reflect upon your teaching practice? Meet other faculty who are interested in talking about teaching and learning? Enhance your teaching portfolio with a Teaching Squares Certificate?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, we have a great opportunity for you. Please join our Teaching Squares Squares!

How does it work?

Four professors from different disciplines (the square) visit each other’s classes to observe teaching methods, classroom materials, and classroom management. After the professors have observed each other’s classes, they get together to reflect on how this informs their own teaching and learning practice.

As a culminating activity, participants are asked to prepare a short 1-2 page written reflection (or video/multimedia alternative) documenting their experience in the program which they will share with the Teaching Squares facilitators. This is followed by a lunch celebration for all Teaching Square participants. The lunch is an informal gathering and participants reflect on their experiences and continue to exchange ideas and resources to enhance their own teaching and learning.

There is no cost to participate. Return participants are always welcome!

Who can participate?

All part-time and full-time faculty at Durham College

When does it start?

We will kick things off together with a session at the end of the first month of the semester (September or January). Participants will be notified of the date and location once registration closes. Teaching Square participants visit their fellow square participants classes (total of 3 visits) during the middle two months of the semester. A final celebration lunch is held at the end of the semester (December or April).

What are some of the benefits?

Here’s what some of the participants have to say about their experience.

  • “I enjoyed playing the role of the student again and to see how some faculty members brought such passion for the subject into the class.”
  • “It has helped me gain a better connection with other faculty and I hope to continue to connect with them after this.”
  • “It was great to learn new ways to engage students.”
  • “It is a key part of my ongoing reflective practice and portfolio development.”

We hope that many of you who have participated in the past will join us again.

If you have not already participated, why don’t you try something new, meet colleagues, and celebrate teaching!

Register here: https://forms.office.com/r/KsqVdFBm9B

If you have any questions, please contact CTL@durhamcollege.ca.