As part of a pilot this academic year (2023-24), the DC Centre for Teaching and Learning will support faculty members who would like to use Kritik – an online platform that facilitates peer-to-peer assessment of student work, in a variety of disciplines. Examples of student work include: writing samples, essays, presentations, lab reports, videos, audio files, presentations, computer code, group projects, and more.

Why use Kritik?

Kritik enables students to:

  • Evaluate and comment on the work of their peers, based on a rubric provided by the instructor
  • Learn to see multiple perspectives and solutions to the same assignment
  • Reflect upon the quality of their own work
  • Develop soft skills including critical thinking, communication, and collaboration

The benefits of this approach is that students have more opportunities to:

  • Obtain personalized feedback quickly, learn from it, and integrate that learning into future work
  • Become skilled at giving fair and accurate feedback, and communicate it in a constructive manner
  • Interact and collaborate with their peers

Want to give Kritik a try?

Sign up for one of the following sessions:

Introduction to Peer Assessment with Kritik

If you are not available for the live sessions, please register in order to access recorded sessions.

Learn more about Kritik and how to use this tool to support building students critical thinking and communication skills by visiting our support page.