Remote Learning Considerations for Faculty

Frequently Asked Issues: Remote Learning Considerations for Faculty

This document contains frequently asked issues that arise as we deliver courses remotely and will be updated on a regular basis so please check back frequently.

1. Medical documentation

Given the current environment, students are not required to produce medical documentation. Medical documentation is also not required if students cannot participate in a synchronous class and/or meeting.

Students are expected to touch base with their faculty if they cannot attend a meeting or class or are having any other challenges in the course, and faculty are asked to be understanding of the students’ numerous competing priorities.

2. Timed assessments

If you are planning to require a timed assessment, be flexible whenever possible. Keep in mind that students require time to log on, familiarize themselves with the new remote learning environment and address technology problems. For example, a two-hour timed assessment in a face-to-face classroom may require an additional 30 minutes in a remote environment.

Consider providing students with advanced notice to ensure they can manage their other responsibilities ahead of time, such as finding supervision for their children and/or other dependents.

Alternatively, consider non-timed assessments rather than timed ones that measure the same course learning outcomes. See the CTL webpage, under Assessments, for ideas.

3. Synchronous classes / meetings

Synchronous classes and meetings may not be an option for all students. Many of our students have caregiver responsibilities with children and/or other dependents. Consider recording your class and/or providing an alternate option such as an asynchronous discussion board in which students may participate in. See the CTL webpage for more ideas as well as captioning information for your recordings (and see item 4 below).

4. Recording lectures

If you are recording your lectures, please ensure that you are turning on captions. See the CTL webpage as to how to enable captions.