Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an Office 365 application that allows faculty and students to easily turn ideas and content into compelling presentations using professional-looking templates. Use animations, transitions, photos, and online videos to tell stories and share content. Coauthor team presentations at the same time, from anywhere.

PowerPoint Resources

Microsoft PowerPoint is a tool that can be used by both faculty and students to create, collaborate and share presentations. Here are some resources to provide support with the creation of PowerPoint.

Getting Started:

  • Faculty & Staff: Go to and sign in with your bannerID, followed by (i.e. and your network password. Step-by-step instructions are available here.
  • Students: Login through, then press the waffle icon on the left side of the screen and select "PowerPoint" or use the “Install Office” option to download the latest desktop version. IT has created these instructions to help students access and download MS Office 365.
  • Update PowerPoint: it is recommended that you update your desktop version of PowerPoint to the latest version to ensure you have access to the most recent features. To do this, log into with your college credentials and click on the “Install Office” option in the right-hand corner.
  • PowerPoint features: Some feature availability varies depending on the platform being used - Windows, Mac, Online or Mobile. You might find that you will need to move between working in the online and desktop versions of PowerPoint to access specific features. For more information, visit Microsoft’s page to Compare PowerPoint features on different platforms.

How to Use PowerPoint:

This page covering basic tasks for creating a PowerPoint presentation, provides a general overview. For more detailed instructions, see the resources below.




  • Record & Share a Slide Show (CTL resource)
    • Note: Your audio will NOT be saved on .ppt files.  If working on an older PowerPoint file with an extension of .ppt, be sure to do File > Save as and change it to .pptx.  The older file format will NOT save your audio.
  • Capture a screen recording: read or watch (Windows only feature)


  • Presenter Coach is a feature that can help you prepare for your presentations. It will give you a variety of feedback, including your pace, pitch, use of filler words, if you are reading from the slide too much, etc. Learn more.


  • Make your PowerPoint presentations accessible
  • Subtitles (Mac users may need to use PowerPoint online to access this feature ) - PowerPoint has a subtitles feature that allows real-time presenting with automatic subtitles/captions. These subtitles can be in the same language you are speaking, or they can be translated into a different language.
    • Note: These subtitles are intended for live presenting. If you are using the “Record Slide Show” feature in PowerPoint, these subtitles will not be captured. For more information on recording a slideshow, please reference our “Record Slideshow & Screen Capture” section above.


  • Share a standard PowerPoint file (not a slide show recording):
    • Sharing Option: Post .pptx file directly to DC Connect
      • Visit our DC Connect resource for Content for instructions on uploading a file to DC Connect.
    • Sharing Option: Save to OneDrive and share a link in DC Connect
  • Share a recorded slide shows: if you have used the “Record Slide Show” option, it is recommended that it is saved as a video and shared through YouTube. For more information on recording and sharing a slide show, please reference our “Record Slideshow & Screen Capture” section above.
  • Present remotely using: