DC faculty who have not accessed FlipGrid previously will receive an error when attempting to login. This account error that you are "ineligible for an account" will be resolved when our staff emails are updated from our banner number to our firstname.lastname. This is anticipated to be in a few months. To resolve manually resolve the error, please contact FlipGrid and advise that you are a faculty member at Durham College. Alternatively, you can use Padlet to have students record and respond to each others videos.

What is Flipgrid?

Flipgrid enables teachers and students to create a web - or grid - of video discussions. Educators pose questions or prompts, and students can respond, both to the teacher and to each other. Grids can be kept visible only to class members or made public.

Video attribution to University of Windsor: http://www.uwindsor.ca/education/openpage/flipgrid

Why use Flipgrid?

  • Flipgrid supports social learning and collaborative conversation-building in the classroom, while minimizing participation pressure for students who prefer to contribute asynchronously.
  • Provides room for creative and personal expression.
  • Using FlipGrid encourages faculty to keep student engagement and participation at the forefront, while still allowing students to be asynchronous (participate when they can.)
  • Great for Socratic discussion posts, project-based learning and presentations.

How do I get an account?

The exciting news is you already have one! Flipgrid is a Microsoft tool; therefore, you will use your Office 365 credentials to login to Flipgrid.

  1. Go to flipgrid.com
  2. Press "Educator Login"
    FlipGrid Educator Login Navigation

  3. Press "Microsoft Login"
    FlipGrid Microsoft Login Option

  4. A pop-up window will appear and ask you to enter your email address. Your email address for Office 365 is your banner number @durhamcollege.ca (i.e. 100xxxxxx@durhamcollege.ca).
    Microsoft Login Page

  5. You will be redirected to Durham College’s authentication page and will be required to enter your network password (this is the password you use for your email and DC Connect)
    FlipGrid DC Login Page

  6. You're now logged into Flipgrid and will be taken to "My Grids"
    FlipGrid Add New Grid

How do I make a Grid?

  1. Now you can get started by pressing "Add New Grid". This will display the settings to create a Grid.
    FlipGrid Add New Grid

  2. To allow only DC students to access your Grid, select the Grid type "School Email"
    FlipGrid Select Grid Type

  3. The setting will automatically add @durhamcollege.ca to the verified school email address. You will need to add @dcmail.ca to this field to ensure DC students can log in to participate with their school email address.
    FlipGrid Add DC School Email Address

  4. Add a topic to your Grid

Share your new Topic in DC Connect

Option 1) Add Topic to DC Connect using a link

  1. Open your Grid, find the Topic you want to use and press "Share"
  2. Press "Copy" next to the URL
    FlipGrid Copy Grid Link

  3. Add the link to your DC Connect course.
    Students will be prompted to login using their DCMail account information.

Option 2) Add Topic to DC Connect using embed code

Adding the Topic you’ve created to DC Connect is a best practice. It allows students to focus on the task at hand without leaving DC Connect.

Here’s how you add the Topic to DC Connect:

  1. In your Topic, press "Share."
    FlipGrid Add to DCConnect using link

  2. Press "Copy Embed Code". This will copy the embed code into your keyboard.
    FlipGrid Copy embed code

  3. Go to DC Connect and the page you want to add the Grid to, then press "Edit HTML."
    DCConnect Edit HTML

  4. Press "HTML Source Editor", this will open a new window with the source code for this page.
    DCConnect HTML Source Editor

  5. Delete the code and paste the embed code you copied from Flipgrid, then press "Save."
    DCConnect Paste Embed Code

  6. This will now be added to your DC Connect course. Press "Save and Close."
    DCConnect Save and Close

Students will be prompted to login using their DCMail account information.

How do students access Flipgrid?

How students access Flipgrid is dependent on the settings used and how the Grid was added to your course. In most cases, students will be prompted to log in with their DCMail account information.

If students want to start their own Flipgrid, they can log in with their DCMail account information.

Feel free to customize and share this instruction sheet to help your students join your Grid: click here for the editable Word Doc and click here for the editable PDF.

Looking for a PD session on Flipgrid?

  • Try an asynchronous course at Microsoft on "Engage and Amplify with Flipgrid."
  • https://education.microsoft.com/en-us/course/45068800/overview
  • Join a 30-minute Flipgrid PD webinar that runs several times per week. During the live session, the Educator Innovation Leads explain the basics of Flipgrid and answer your questions
  • Check out CTL's weekly PD page at https://durhamcollege.ca/ctl/events
  • Watch Professor Kim Carter at Conestoga College demonstrate how she uses Flipgrid in her college courses:
    • In this one-hour workshop you will be introduced to FlipGrid as a tool to use for assessment. Hear from Kim Carter, a Conestoga faculty member who used FlipGrid to collect peer feedback, practice communication skills, and eventually mark a group skit. This was done in a therapeutic communication course in which communication style, such as non-verbal and verbal cues like tone of voice and language, were being taught and evaluated. Learn about the beneficial and unexpected results of trying out this video blog tool in a teaching and assessment context.
    • PD Presentation recording (YouTube)