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TurnItIn Turns on Artificial Intelligence Writing Detectors

On April 4th, TurnItIn turned on their new Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing detectors. Within the Similarity Report produced, faculty will be presented with a new AI indicator side panel which shows the overall percentage of likelihood that AI writing tools were used. As with the standard TurnItIn Similarity Report, the AI detection percentage should not be considered as the sole evidence to indicate the student has used a generative AI writing tool (such as ChatGPT). This Report can be used as a tool to prompt further investigation and conversation with the student.

For further details on the AI Writing Detector in TurnItIn, current resources are available on TurnItIn, as well as the Feature Guidance presentation.

Turnitin is a valuable tool to support academic integrity. It provides users with a means to check submissions for similarities, thus, allowing for an investigation into the possibility of academic dishonestly.

For a step by step guide in integrating Turnitin with in the DC Connect Assignments tool, explore this resource.

Below is a resource to support your use of the similarity report that is generated by Turnitin when students submit assignments

View the Similarity PDF Report