Microsoft Stream


Microsoft Stream is a Microsoft 365 video service that allows faculty and students to upload, view and share videos securely within our organization. All students, faculty and staff at Durham College have access to Microsoft Stream as part of the Microsoft 365 suite.

Note: Microsoft is making continuous improvements to Stream. As a result, some CTL or Microsoft documentation on Stream might be slightly different than what your are seeing in the DC instance of stream.

Accessing Stream:

  • Faculty & Staff - Go to and sign in with your DC email and your network password. Then select "Stream" from the waffle menu in the top-left corner. If you do not see Stream listed, select All apps.
  • Students - Login through, then press the waffle icon on the left side of their screen and select "Stream". To watch a video, students can click directly on the video link being shared with them (they will be required to login with their DC Mail credentials).

      How to Use Stream:

      Below are some resources to provide support with the use of Stream.


      Stream videos are actually being stored in OneDrive, so sharing a video file can be done the same way you share other files in OneDrive. Just remember to enable captions!

      Learn more:


      One of the more recent features added to Stream (onSharePoint) is the “New recording" option. This can be used to easily capture and share a screen recording, webcam video or both.

      Learn more:


        Remember, all videos must have captions to meet accessibility requirements. Whether you are uploading a video or creating one using Stream, it is very easy to generate captions.

        When previewing the video, look for the Video settings. Within the Transcript and captions section, select Generate.

        Learn more:

        If professional captions are required, please complete the CTL Captioning Request Form (bottom of the page).

        Additional Features: