Annual Program Review

The Annual Program Review (APR) process is collaborative and facilitates the continuous evolution and renewal of curriculum while determining whether the program meets essential criteria and priorities. The APR process allows for curriculum reflection and oversight by the Executive/Associate Dean, leading to a set of recommendations and action plan. The report ensures that year over year, the program team builds a record of their curriculum and program improvements.


  • Winter /Spring – The School Dean discusses the APR process and requirements with Program Teams.
  • Spring – The Program Coordinator and Program Team complete the Program Curriculum Reflection (Section B) of the APR Report Template.
  • Spring – The School Dean/Associate Dean will complete Sections A and C in consultation with the Program Coordinator.
  • June 15 - The APR is completed by June 15 of each academic year. The APR Report is submitted to the Manager, Academic Quality Assurance.
  • Summer – The APR Report is reviewed and approval by the Associate Vice-President, Academic.
  • February / March – The School Dean provides an Action Plan Update to the Manager, Academic Quality Assurance.

APR Report Template

The APR Report Template can be downloaded in two different file formats:

The APR Report Template describes the objectives of the annual review, indicates all roles and provides instruction on how to complete, with timelines. The APR Report Template is divided into three sections:

Part A - Review of the Program. Part A is to be completed by the Executive Dean/Associate Dean/Director in collaboration with the Program Coordinator/Manager.

Part B - Curriculum Reflection. Part B is to be completed by the Program Coordinator/Manager and Program Team.

Part C - Recommendations and Action Plan for Improvement. Part C is to be completed by the Executive Dean/Associate Dean/Director and Program Coordinator/Manager.

The following information (if available) may be considered by the program team while completing the APR Report:

  • Previous Annual Review Reports;
  • Comprehensive Program Review Final Report (if applicable);
  • Student Surveys;
  • Retention Reports;
  • KPI Reports;
  • Program Health Matrix Reports;
  • Program Advisory Committee (PAC); and
  • Other information sources.

Program Review Policy, Regulation and Procedures

All educational institutions are required to undertake regular review of the quality of their academic programs to ensure alignment with Ministry guidelines, frameworks and standards. The APR process and criteria reflects the College Quality Assurance Accreditation Process (CQAAP) Standards for program quality.

In addition, the program review process is guided by the Durham College Policy and Procedure ACAD-105.

Questions About APR?

Please contact Briar Jamieson, Manager, Academic Quality and Program Development