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Smashurai Dojo Monthly #2 Roundup

This month’s Smashurai Dojo had an amazing turnout, with 39 attendees ready to win one of the two tournaments. For the first tournament – Squad Strike Battles – players must use teams of three different fighters, each with three stock in order to push for victory. This is to test a players diversity in fighter selection as a majority of Smash players usually play one or “main” a fighter. The final set was close, but SSN Riddles was able to push and win the set 2-1 and the Dreamhack Hoodie! Congrats to NCG Jw for the close set.

Following the conclusion of the Squad Strike Battles the focus transitioned to the main event: The Singles Bracket. With almost 40 attendees ready to fight, they were all hoping to win the 1st place prize of a free Dreamhack Montreal 2019 ticket. From the pools: Jw, Luggy, Riddles, Sage, Pokecheese, Red, Budget, Goose, Blush, Sirlouie, Jords2good, and Hub all made it into the playoff bracket. It boiled down to Jw and Riddles remeeting in the finals. This time however, Jw came out on top 2-1 and won the free Dreamhack Montreal Ticket!

Thanks to everyone that came out for the event and we hope to see you at the next one on July 7.

Signup is available at the door, and for more information send us an email at or message the tournament organizer Ryan, at @ryanDCB on Twitter.

Author: Raven Castaneda

DC Esport Arena Attendant

Smashurai Dojo Monthly #1 Recap

Each month this summer, the Durham College Esports Arena will be hosting Smashurai Dojo and their monthly Smash Ultimate tournaments. These tournaments are open to the public, and feature both smash doubles and smash singles tournaments. The first event was held May 4th, with Jw winning the singles bracket convincingly. Pokecheese and Steve From Accounting also placed well, winning the doubles competition. The entire competition, and all future ones are available for viewing online if you aren’t able to come in to the arena and spectate. The recorded videos can be found at

The next tournament will take place June 1st with the winner of the singles tournament winning a free ticket to Dreamhack Montreal this September! There will also be cash prizes and other Dreamhack merchandize for competitors through tournament placements or raffles and giveaways. Signup is available at the door, or at a discounted rate online at Future events are also planned for July 7th and August 3rd.

For more information send us an email at or message the tournament organizer Ryan, at @ryanDCB on Twitter. See you all there.


Author: Ben Bramly

DC Esport Arena Attendant

Ontario Collegiate Rocket League Recap: Week 1

The inaugural Ontario Collegiate Rocket League season kicked off over the May 24th weekend with 12 of the 14 teams in action. Each of the 14 teams will play each other once over the course of the summer season, culminating in the live finals at the Durham College Esports Arena on August 24th.

Week one featured a close matchup between Queens and Carleton A Ravens, with Queens slightly edging the Ravens in a 3-2 series victory. Brock Esports also secured their first win of the season over UofT, as did Carleton B as they beat out Laurentian with a 3-1 victory. Algonquin, Ryerson and U of Ottawa also won their week one match, while Lambton vs. Waterloo has been rescheduled to a future time and date.

Week two will feature a few exciting matchups, including an inter-school competition between Carleton A and B, as well as what should be a close game between Laurentian and Wilfrid Laurier. The League will span 11 weeks with exciting rounds all the way until the finals.

For more information and all the stats and schedules, check out the official OCRL page at:


By Ben Bramly

DC Esport Arena Attendant & OCRL Organizer

Fireside Gathering, May 31st

Shadows will rise within the Durham esports arena! The Durham esports arena hosted its first official fireside gathering! Within fireside gatherings, players are able to experience fireside brawls, meet new friends and compete in small casual community tournaments. Our last event was Friday May 31st from 5pm-9pm and featured prizing from the Rise of Shadows Campaign box! Every attendee received a Rise of Shadows pin, and was entered into a raffle to win the Rise of Shadows coaster pack and Blizzcon 2018 hearthstone magnet set. The first place winner of the tournament won a blizzard key to unlock chapters 2 to 5 of the Rise of Shadows solo campaign, which gives Rise of Shadows packs, golden card packs, and if beaten on heroic difficulty, a card back.

Attending a fireside gathering also allows you to unlock exclusive in game content such as the warlock hero Nimzy and the Fireside cardback. In the future, the DC Esports Arena will also be participating in the classic Tavern Vs. Tavern! Better start building your team of three, what better way to practise that against your future competitors!

Players will be able to play Hearthstone on the arena provided computers, or on their smartphones as free public wifi will be provided for the entirety of the event.

For more information about the event visit: or join the discord at


Author: Raven Castaneda

DC Esports Arena Attendant

Extra Life 2019

Extra life has touched many lives over the last decade, supporting many children’s hospitals. Extra Life is a charity organization in which its main purpose and function is to help connect a community united through gaming to help raise funds for many children’s hospitals through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The fundraiser occurs through different events, and in Durham College’s case they have decided to run a 24-hour LAN gaming event on August 31st and September 1st from 7pm-7pm. During this live in-person event, attendees will be able to participate in a variety of activities. These activities will range from side events and console play, to gaming conferences and game streaming. Attendees will have the opportunity to stream their gameplay and create donation goals for the cause. Lastly, Attendees can apply to join our Durham Extra Life Team at

For more information and for live updates on our growing sponsors and attendees visit our facebook and follow our twitter page: and

Author: Ben Bramly

DC Esports Arena Attendant